Mitsui & Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

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Business Fields

Mobilities & Automotives

Material sourcing and Services for mobility fields:
  • Automotive steel, Automotive parts steel, and Electrical steel
  • Performance steel products: Steel wire, Steel bars, Bearings, etc.
  • Steel service center, Materials handling, and Processing with just in time delivery scheme.
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Infrastructure & Construction

Construction steel products:
  • Flat steel products (Plates, Coils, and Sheets)
  • Section steel products (Shapes, Tubulars, Pipes, Line-pipe, OCTG, and Piping products)
  • Long steel products (Bars, Rods, and Wires)
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Value added and special steel products:
  • Fabricated and processed steel products for construction work.
  • Alloyed steel products for particular usages and special applications
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Construction industry services and solutions:
  • Inspections, Maintenance, and Repair services
  • Consulting, Sales and Project management
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Major Activities

Sale of iron and steel products

Trading and marketing of iron and steel products including services and solutions, which create value chains in our key strategic domains of "Mobility & Automotive" and "Infrastructure & Construction"

Steel product processing and parts manufacturing

Mobility and Automotive:
  • Global material sourcing through Mitsui's network
  • Processing of steel products, provision of Just-in-Time (JIT) functions through service centers, and manufacture of automotive parts and other components
Infrastructure and Construction:
  • Fabricated steel structures and coated steel products made to order of the end-users or project requirements

Inspection, maintenance, and repair business

Provision of inspection, maintenance, and repair work through innovative technologies and a higher level of standardization in collaboration with our global and local partners, who are leading companies specialized in fields of maintenance work that help to extend the lifespan of structures and facilities

Investment and business development in the iron and steel industry

Initiating investment in steel manufacturing operations (electrical furnaces, etc.), steel processing service centers (processing and distribution operations), steel fabricating operations, maintenance operations, and other relevant services related to the automotive and construction industries

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Developing businesses with a view to realize a low-carbon/de-carbonized society and circular economy motivate use of “green and greener steels” in industry and the pursuit of national achievements on carbon neutrality and net zero