Mitsui & Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

Our Business

Mineral & Metal Resources

Business Fields

Ferrous Raw Materials:
Steel scrap (Bushelling, HMS (Heavy melting steel), Cast iron), Pig iron, etc.
Non-ferrous Raw Materials:
Copper scrap, Stainless scrap, Aluminum scrap, etc.
Non-ferrous Semi-finished Products:
Copper cathode/wire rod, Nickel cathode, Aluminum ingot, Copper alloy/ingot, Zinc ingot, Lead bullion, Brass rod, Aluminum powder, etc.
Non-ferrous Finished Products:
Aluminum coil/parts/bar, etc.

Major Activities

Our division engages in a variety of business activities locally and globally to meet the needs of our customers. We strive to provide stable, high-quality products and services and to maintain our strong presence in each industry. In addition, we value operations conducted in compliance with environmental regulations and safety standards. This includes decarbonizing and mitigating any potential impact on land, water, and air quality.

Trading and Distribution of Metal Scrap and Related Materials:
Create a strong foothold in both domestic and international trading business by stably trading materials to business partners, promoting benefits and finding solutions for innovating and exploring new areas in the recycling business.
Ensure the quality of materials and their compliance with relevant standards.
Endeavor to find new investment opportunities in Thailand and the CLMV countries.
Sustainability and Environmental Awareness:
Promote productivity related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for fostering a green economic cycle.