Mitsui & Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

Our Business

Mobility Business

Business Fields

  • Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail and finance, Leasing and rental of commercial and passenger vehicles, and Automotive components
  • Sale of machine tools, Industrial machinery, Factory automation, Robo-machines
  • Transportation, Ships, Aerospace-related business
  • Promotion of decarbonization technology and products for automotive, maritime, etc.

Major Activities

We have pursued the creation and enhancement of added-value in the automotive supply chain by proactively adapting to emerging trends and advancements in mobility services.
We are committed to providing solutions to stakeholders in sustainability development, such as realizing carbon neutrality.

We also offer a range of services that fulfill customers' requirements for machinery solutions facilitating smooth and efficient operation.

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Key projects

  • Investment in HINO's supply chain covering manufacturing, distributorships, and dealerships.
  • Toyota dealership business in Laos.
  • Agricultural chemical spraying service company.
  • Trading of motor vehicle components and energy-saving products such as solar-reflective ceramic coating.
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Reference Site

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