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"Mitsui", "Russian Railway", and "Russkaya troika" signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Oct. 18, 2007

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The document has been signed by the Senior Vice-President "Russian Railway" Boris Lapidus, the Vice-President and the Chief Executive of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Toshihiro Soejima and the General Director of «Russian Troika» Vladimir Chesnakov.

The parties have expressed readiness to establish cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions in the field of organization of container shipping of goods from Japan and countries of Asian-Pacific region via Trans-Siberian highway to Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

According to the memorandum, the Japanese "Mitsui" corporation will provide «Russian Troika» with cargo for container shipping and will carry out search and customer acquisition on the territory of Japan and in the countries of Asian-Pacific region. «Russian Troika» cooperates with "Mitsui" concerning the organization of container sipping on specific routes with assistance of "Russian Railway".

"Russian Railway" is founded by the Government of Russia – the Governmental order of Russia from September 18, 2003 № 585 "About creation of open joint-stock company "Russian railways ". JSC "Russian Railway" transports more than 1.3 bln passengers and 1.3 bln tons of cargo annually. There are 1 300 000 employees in "Russian Railway".