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Plastics, Rubber and Additives

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Product Explanation Usage Origin Info
Admer™ pe and pp-based tie resin Multilayer packaging, films, tubes, pipes, fuel tanks Mitsui Chemicals Europe
Chloroprene™ Chloropren-Rubber Wire and cable, belts, hoses, other rubber usage Denka Japan
Eperan™ Expanded PP and PE Packaging and automotive Kaneka Belgium
EPT™ Ethylene-propylene-diene
Terpolymer, EPDM
Automotive parts, industrial parts, electric wire sheeting Mitsui Chemicals Japan
Eval™ Ethylene-vinyl-alchohol
Multilayer packaging, films, tubes, pipes Eval Europe
GRANOC™ High-Modulus pitch based Carbon Fiber Yarn, Fabric , Chopped and Milled Fiber Satellite, Aerospace, Industry, Sport & Recreation, Thermal Management Nippon Graphite Fiber Corporation Japan
Iupilon™ Polycarbonate Optical, medical, electronic, automotive Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
Milastomer™ Thermoplastic Olefinic Elastomer; TPV Automotive parts, construction and building, electric wire sheeting Mitsui Chemicals Japan
Novarex™ Polycarbonate Electric, optical and medical components, automotive application Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics
Poval Vinyl-Alchol Water soluble film, paperboard, printing paper Denka Japan
Tafmer™ á-olefin copolymer Modifier for polyolefins Packaging as sealant layer or impact modifier Mitsui Chemicals Japan
TPX™ Polymethylpentene co-polymer Injection moulding, coating material Mitsui Chemicals Japan