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Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH

Georg Büllesbach

Welcome to Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH

Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH is a core group member of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. We aim to realize our corporate mission to “Build brighter futures, everywhere” by creating and growing diverse businesses with our valued customers/partners cultivated through many years of business experience in Europe.


In today’s ever-changing world, we are witnessing exponential transformations in megatrends that affect our business activities. We are in the midst of big movements in Europe, such as the post COVID-19 economic recovery and world-leading shifts to a decarbonized society and a circular economy. It is therefore essential for us, as a company engaged in business on a global scale, to adapt flexibly to external transformations as well as to strive towards the realization of social and business sustainability.


In order to realize a better tomorrow for the earth and people around the world, we will strengthen our sustainability management and continue our unwavering efforts to meet the diverse needs of our stakeholders. We will also embrace our shared value of "Challenge and Innovation," which aims to achieve a sustainable development of society, our customers/partners and our company.