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Yoshinori Takase

Yoshinori Takase

Mitsui & Co. (Chile) Ltda. will celebrate its 55th anniversary next year, with investment and financing activities amounting to 4 billion US dollars, approximately, especially in the copper mining industry, the organization´s second largest investment, only surpassed by Brazil. In addition to copper mining, the company has carried out a wide range of logistics services in businesses and investments in the areas of distribution of Toyota automobiles and auto loans; sale of fertilizers; wood chip businesses, and salmon farming. My objective is to broaden our business range even further, focusing them on electric generation businesses, water infrastructure and mining-related services. Although the Chilean population amounts to 17 million people, the seventh most populated country in Latin America, its per capita GDP was USD15,410 (2012), the highest in the region, with a stable growth rate of about 4.5%, supported by copper mining-related services. We are all working very hard to improve Mitsui´s presence in Chile, a country that is regarded as a developed one in the Latin American region.