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Business Areas

Business Areas
  • Power Generation
    Mitsui develops and participates in power generation projects, such as combined cycle and renewable energy plants, and we also operate and maintain them.
  • Oil and Gas
    Mitsui develops energy infrastructure projects associated with oil and gas, refineries, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) receiving terminals, gas pipelines, chemical and petrochemical plants.
  • Transport
    Transportation projects include integration and financing of civil works and systems with the supply of rolling stock for passenger transport and freight.
  • Water
    Projects related to water, such as potabilization, treatment or desalination plants as well as treatment plants for municipal and industrial waste water.
  • Others
    Projects related to the development of basic industries such as steel and non-metal minerals plants as well as public infrastructure for airports, ports, roads, etc.

Main Businesses

Mitsui develops business in strategic industrial fields through alliances with construction companies, manufacturers and industry partners; by guaranteeing our investors, lenders and partners the highest profitability levels and mitigating development risks during the construction and during operation and maintenance stages.

Mitsui structures projects through its global network and develops complex financial structures for the construction, operation and maintenance in the long term. Mitsui is fully familiar with BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer), BOO (Build, Operate and Own), PPP (Public, Private, Partnership) and the FTK (Full Turn Key) terms, which are common in the development of diversified projects.

  • Compañía de Generación Valladolid
    In June 2006, Compañía de Generación Valladolid (50% owned by Mitsui) started operations of a 525-MW combined cycle plant which was built at Valladolid, in the state of Yucatan. The plant operates under the Independent Power Producer (IPP) mode and delivers its production to Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE).
  • Mitsui & Co. Power Development and Management Americas (MPA)
    In December 2009, Mitsui acquired five more combined-cycle generation plants and one gas pipeline located in the northwest region of Mexico. MPA (100% owned by Mitsui) manages the said assets of a total capacity of 2,233 MW, which are also delivered to CFE.
  • Atlatec
    The company headquartered in Monterrey was acquired in July 2008 (85% owned by Mitsui and 15% by Toyo Engineering). Atlatec participates with partners and some banks in the construction of the largest wastewater treatment plant in the world, located at Atotonilco, Hidalgo State. Currently, Atlatec operates their own portfolio of aqueducts and municipal and industrial treatment plants in more than 80 projects.
  • KMS LNG Terminal
    In the gas and oil areas, in May 2012 Mitsui began the operations of the LNG receiving terminal of KMS, with a 500 mmcfd capacity. This is a BOO Project, located at Manzanillo, Colima State, along the Pacific coast.
  • MIT Gas México
    In September 2012, through MIT Gas Mexico holding company, Mitsui announced its participation of 15% of capital in the largest gas distributor in Mexico: Gas Natural México (a subsidiary of a Spanish group).
Main Businesses
Main Businesses
Main Businesses

Mitsui looks for new opportunities to expand its business platform in Mexico and focuses on strategic areas of electric power generation, oil and gas, transport, water and other significant projects.