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Infrastructure Project

The department "Infrastructure Project" by Mitsui & Co. SpA Italy is headed by the respective division of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. based in London and works as interface to potential Italian partners for projects in chemical, petrochemical, industrial, oil & gas, energy.
One of its activities is the collaboration with Italian companies operating in the fields of engineering for chemical, energy and petrochemical plants, electrochemical, automotive for international or local projects supporting the corresponding division in Tokyo.
The department is also very active in the activity of trading. Not only equipment Italian exports to Japan, but also imports japanese products technologically advanced for the Italian market.

Infrastructure Project - ITEMS

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Category Product Description Country of Origin
Infrastructure Project Polimeric insulators for japanese railway companies Italy
Infrastructure Project Gas pressure filters and regulators for japanese utility companies Italy
Infrastructure Project Forged components for nuclear reactors for engineering nuclear companies Japan
Infrastructure Project Back up rolls for steel mills Japan
Infrastructure Project Titanium & Nickel for electrochemical companies Japan