Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd.

Our Business

Mineral & Metal Resources

Specialized in securing a stable supply of mineral and metal resources through trading and investment activites.

Business Fields:

  • Mineral and metal resources
  • Ferroalloys, copper, nickel, aluminum, iron ore, rare metals, etc.
  • Non-ferrous metal products.

Major Activities:

Major Activities:

Mitsui Canada specializes in the mining and distribution of ferroalloys, copper, nickel, aluminum, iron ore, and rare metals etc.

Mitsui Canada pursues business opportunities in the exploration, development and production of various mineral resources. Activities include trading, investment and the provision of relevant business solutions. For example, we coordinate the supply of mineral and metal resources to various markets such as Japan and China.

As a reliable supplier, Mitsui Canada is committed to enhancing supply stability for our customers by investing in up-stream operations such as mines, which help ease the tight supply of natural resources.