Mitsui & Co. Benelux S. A./N. V.

Our Business

Mitsui's business activities may be categorized into the following sectors - Plastics, Basic and specialty chemicals, polyester and intermediate chemicals, and steel. Further we are iinvestigating and monitoring on EU trends and regulation in the fields of Trade, Energy, Environment and Industries, etc.

Mitsui has continually adapted its services to meet client needs. Today, its operations are global in scope and its clients, and its core competencies are:

  • Trading - facilitating international trading activities for its clients
  • Enterprise investments - creating new trade flows through investments in new enterprises and new industries throughout the world
  • Financing - offering finance as an integral part of the trading and business development activities
  • Under its Long - Term Management Vision (the Vision) released in April 1999, Mitsui is working to enhance the value added of its services through the application of its sophisticated information and financial technologies and risk management know how.


Our plastic group is active in the marketing of selected commodity polymers and several specialities mainly for the packaging, construction, rubber, automotive, paper and engineering plastics industries. For all these products we are representing highly reputed producers from around the world.
Our purchasing group is buying the raw materials for the production of Kane ace MBS , acrylic modifier FM and PA processing aids , Eperan expanded PE & PP and the MS-polymer of our Joint Venture company Kaneka Belgium.

Basic & Specialty Chemicals

The Chemicals Department of Mitsui & Co. Benelux has established its position as a reliable international trading house for all kind of chemicals, operating worldwide. We connect producers to industrial consumers, meeting the requirements of both for trading- and financial services, market information and logistics. We are strongly committed to customer satisfaction, providing goods and services at the right specification, the right price, the right place and the right time.

Polyester & Intermediate

The Polyester and Intermediates section of Mitsui & Co Benelux is part of a wordlwide Mitsui & Co Inorganic organization and mainly concentrating on the promotion of inorganic commodities and specialty additives for different industries like Polyolefins, PVC, Paper, electronics and photochemicals.


Our Steel Department has representations of highly reputed producers from around the world and is strongly committed to customers satisfaction, providing business activities such as marketing, trade financing, investment, logistics and information service.

Strategic Information & Research

Strategic Information & Research Department is investigating and monitoring on EU trends and regulation in the fields of Trade, Energy, Environment and Industries, etc.
We are also investigating on regional trends in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Russia/CIS.
Based on information we are seeking to get threshold of potential business.
In order to find business opportunities mutually, we are always open to exchange information with you.

ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp (affiliate company)

ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp is a joint venture between Rubis Terminal (France), Intercontinental Terminals Company "ITC" (Houston, USA) and Mitsui & Co Europe (London). These world players have joined forces to construct a new 100,000 CBM terminal in Antwerp, Belgium for the storage and handling of a wide range of liquid chemicals, gases and petroleum products.