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Our Business

Polyester & Intermediate

The Polyester and Intermediates section of Mitsui & Co Benelux is part of a wordlwide Mitsui & Co Inorganic organization and mainly concentrating on the promotion of inorganic commodities and specialty additives for different industries like Polyolefins, PVC, Paper, electronics and photochemicals.

We can help you to achieve higher levels of product performance, productivity and profitability as we assist our business to business relations with:

  • The market research, introduction and long term supplies of a wide range of materials
  • All logistical operations
  • Financial services, based on our Mitsui & Co global network we can offer quick, accurate and updated market knowledge which can help our partners to develop new or enlarge existing business transactions

Our Philosophy

We believe in working closely with our customers and suppliers to develop a long-standing win-win relationship supported by:

  1. a professional business attitude which can be witnessed by several partners like Kyowa and Kisuma Chemicals, Mizusawa, Shin-etsu, MCI, Christeyns etc.
  2. No restricting borders: we are operating not only in Benelux but for several business operations we are active in Middle East, some parts of Eastern Europe and Africa.
  3. Enjoyable working atmosphere: which explains our enthousiasm and dedication in what we do.
  4. Care about process quality.


Polyolefin industry

Product name Product type Origin
DHT-4A hydrotalcite used as Acid scavanger for PP, PE and Engineering plastics production Kyowa/Kisuma Chemicals
Silton Anti-blocking agent Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals
Miclay Asi IR absorber Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals
Donor (C/D/T) Donor Shin-etsu
Catalyst Catalyst MCI
Kisuma5 Mg(OH)2 flame retardant Kyowa/Kisuma Chemicals

PVC industry

Product name Product type Origin
Alcamizer Heat stabilizer for PVC Kyowa/Kisuma Chemicals
Calcium ACAC Costabilizer for PVC Siccanor

Paper industry

Product name Product type Origin
Chriscoat 50 Calcium stearate dispersion 50% Christeyns - Belgium
Stanecol Guar Gum India


Product name Product type Origin
EMD Electrolytic Manganese dioxide Mitsui Mining & Smelting
Zinc Powder Zinc Powder Mitsui Mining & Smelting
opper Foil Copper Foil Mitsui Eurocell
RCC Resin coated copper Japan
DD Paste Paste for via filling Tatsuta System Electronics Co. Japan
DFR Dry Film Resist Japan


Product type Origin
Miscellaneus products for photochemical industry Japan/Taiwan


Product name Product type Origin
Tipaque Titanium dioxide ISK-Japan/Singapore


Product name Product type Origin
PET resin Polyethylene Therephthalate Asia/Europe
PET preform Carbonated soft drink, mineral water and beer bottle market ISK-Japan/Singapore

Our Team

E-mail: Basic Chemicals Department

Fax number: +32 2 675 49 05