Message from Our CEO

Tatsuo Yasunaga

Mitsui & Co. will contribute to a better, more sustainable future where the aspirations of people can be fulfilled

Creating value through business activities

As economic globalization progresses and the increasing world population strains our energy, food, water, and other resources, there is growing demand for infrastructure such as power generation, transportation and telecommunications, along with fundamental community services such as education and health care. At the same time, we face environmental and human rights issues on a global scale with respect to climate change, loss of biodiversity, immigration and other highly consequential matters.

At Mitsui & Co., we have developed our capabilities and accumulated a strong corporate track record by engaging with stakeholders to fully understand their needs and the wider expectations of society. Takashi Masuda, the founder of the former Mitsui, advised colleagues to, “Let not short term gains tempt your mind, seek only enduring prosperity by embracing grand aspirations”. To me, this expresses the idea that continues to drive us today: the need to consider the future, and consider our sustainability as part of society. As a company operating globally, we believe it is our obligation to ensure that through our business activities we contribute to the sustainable development of every country and region in which we do business.

As evidenced by global UN initiatives-including the COP21 Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-there is a growing call for companies to take a much longer term approach to business, focusing on sustainable value creation. Accordingly, we must work closely with our business partners, customers, shareholders and society to build mutual trust and ensure the best possible understanding of our strengths and our vision.

Cultivating people who can bring sustainability to business and society

People are our most valuable resource. And in an era of uncertainty and complexity, it is only through bringing together people with a diversity of ideas, backgrounds and abilities that we can develop business that truly reflects the needs of society today. Business knowledge and expertise is vital, but equally important are the human qualities of integrity and humility that enable us to earn the trust of society and operate as a united group of strong individuals.

I am committed to creating the best possible environment in which to foster people with these attributes, so that each person can make full use of their capabilities. Times of great change are inevitably times of great opportunity, and as I noted earlier, embracing diversity will enable us to create new value in a spirit of free-thinking challenge and fresh-thinking innovation.

A sustainable future where aspirations are fulfilled

In October 2004, Mitsui signed and pledged its support for the UN Global Compact, a charter of voluntary principles for businesses and institutions concerning human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. Since then we have been working to realize the aims of the compact. Similarly, in 2015 we defined “Five materialities”, which we have been promoting throughout Mitsui while identifying the risks and opportunities associated with the materialities for each of our business areas. In May 2017, we changed the name of our CSR Promotion Committee to the Sustainability Committee, and strengthened its functions. We will continue to fulfil our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and through the ESG themes of environment, society and governance will endeavor to bring a heightened awareness of sustainability to every aspect of our operations. Mitsui is driven by the concept of “360° business innovation.”, and by creating work in Japan and worldwide that is consistently recognized as useful and valuable, we intend to contribute to a sustainable future where the aspirations of people can be fulfilled.

Tatsuo Yasunaga

President and Chief Executive Officer