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Wellness & Healthcare

Mitsui&Co. is one of the largest Japanese conglomerates which has interests and assets in different fields: from renewable energy, to healthcare, from chemicals to retail and more.

With a wide and branched network of companies and business partners, Mitsui supports its clients in successfully achieving their goals through a reliable supply chain management and a healthy growth of their markets and business.

The Wellness & Healthcare division of Mitsui group has assets and is interested in the whole “patient journey”, starting from the pharmaceutical industry and landing to the patient treatment.

In Mitsui we provide our clients with an excellent service of raw material, intermediates and API procurement, licensing deals for commercial product between Europe and Asia and we run CDMO business for Japanese pharma companies.

Being shareholders of the largest hospital chain in Asia and having assets in medical devices and technologies companies make us a top-tier partner for any business opportunities in the wellness and healthcare sector.

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