Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC

Our Business

Iron & Steel Products

We provide added service to steel resource distribution which has created a value chain in our three strategic domains of infrastructure, automotive and energy.


Through upstream development, logistics and trading of energy resources such as oil, LPG, natural gas/LNG and coal, we contribute to the stable supply of energy vital to both industry and society.

Mineral & Metal Resources

We maintain a stable supply of mineral and metal resources through both trading and business investments globally, while continuing to expand our broad range of metal resources.

Infrastructure Project

We serve infrastructure needs throughout the world via business areas such as power generation/renewable energy, mineral resources, offshore oil and gas infrastructure, water treatment and supply, and port operation.

Mobility Business

We are present in a wide range of business fields relating to machinery and transportation systems, including automobiles, mining and construction machinery, ships, aerospace and rail.


Our chemicals business encompasses trade and investment in a range of industries, from upstream chemicals such as petrochemicals and fertilizer resources, through to downstream chemicals such as plastic and elastomer raw materials, additives and films, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and specialty chemicals.

Foods & Retail Business

As the global population and economy continue to grow, there is an increased need for a wide-range of food resources and a stable food supply. By securing grains, edible oils, sugar, compound feed ingredients, daily products and other products on a global scale; we aim to meet the rise in global demand as well as consumers' diverse needs, while building a food value chain to develop businesses and make key investments in this field.

Consumer Service

Out activities encompass a wide range of industries in consumer-related business areas which includes Medical & Healthcare, Services, Real Estate, Fashion & Textile, and Housing & Industrial Materials.

Innovation & Corporate Development

We are engaged in the development and promotion of innovative information and communication technology business and “next-generation business” in fields including internet communication, media, industrial IT, IT solution, principal investment (venture investment, buy-out investment) and asset management.