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Corporate Governance & Internal Controls

We are making efforts to enhance our corporate governance framework and develop and improve our internal controls on a global group basis, to make sure that Mitsui & Co. is a company that is trusted by society.
We recognize that ensuring thorough compliance with respect to internal controls is a particularly important issue.

Corporate Governance Report

Mitsui & Co. has presented to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges a corporate governance report that describes the status of Mitsui & Co.’s corporate governance.

Compliance & Risk Management

Our sound reputation is the foundation of our business. As such, we recognize that it is only through compliance that we can maintain that reputation and gain even more trust from our customers.
To that end, we are working to heighten awareness among all management and staff of the importance of upholding high ethical standards and are accordingly striving to build a global compliance framework that advances best business practices.

Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. has enacted the following "Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers"