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Dec. 9, 2016

Trump’s New Administration: What Economic Policies Can It Adopt?

Dec. 9, 2016

Thailand’s Ambition to Become a “High-income Nation” -- Political Unrest and China’s Growing Influence

Nov. 8, 2016

The Sea Change on the Social Front of Saudi Arabia-Revisiting the Orthodoxies Reveals a Newly Emerging Aspect of the Country-

Oct. 5, 2016

Challenges Facing Sub-Saharan Africa, and Japan

Oct. 5, 2016

MGSSI Japan Economic Quarterly October 2016

Oct. 5, 2016

Can China Escape from Its Own Trap?-China’s Post-G20 Foreign Relations and Market Liberalization-

Sep. 9, 2016

ASEAN Adapting Its Course to Realities

Jul. 7, 2016

Considering the Effects of Japanese Sanctions Against Russia

Jul. 5, 2016

MGSSI Japan Economic Quarterly July 2016

Jun. 7, 2016

The Juncker Plan -- European Commission Investment Plan for Europe: Current Situation and Challenges --

May 2, 2016

Following Brazil’s Political Turmoil

May 2, 2016

The State of Global Jihad Terror

Apr. 8, 2016

EU Unity Is Being Tested by an Increasingly Confusing Refugee Problem

Mar. 30, 2016

MGSSI Japan Economic Quarterly March 2016

Jan. 5, 2016

MGSSI Japan Economic Quarterly January 2016