Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd.

Our Business



Mitsui has a range of investments in Australia's power industry. We constantly seek new opportunities to develop infrastructure projects in the rail transportation and water utilities sectors, and to support oil, gas and other natural resource projects.
Mitsui Australia monitors the Australian market and engages with industry participants to find new investment partners. Our partners benefit from our global network, which enables us to attract potential investors, lenders, manufacturers and customers.

Investing in the future of Australia's energy sector

Mitsui has equity stakes in renewable, gas-fired and brown coal-fired generating units operated by Engie. 
Engie is one of Australia’s leading power companies, and has a portfolio of generation units with a combined total capacity of 3540 MW.
These produce around 20 TWh of electricity annually, equivalent to 10 per cent of Australia’s national output.
Mitsui also has a stake in the retail business Simply Energy owned jointly with Engie, which serves customers in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.