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Message from the President and CEO

Atsuyuki Miki
President and CEO

Atsuyuki Miki


My name is Atsuyuki Miki, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.

The world has been changing so rapidly; a geopolitical move sparked by a BREXIT on June 23rd, the increasing of market share on Chinese goods in the world and the coming the new age of IoT. Under current circumstance, the global tasks to be handled also have been increasing such as climate changing, the secure of food and resources and the growth of population.

In Korea, we are in the face of changing and rebuilding the framework under the composition of an aging population by low birth rates with high level of youth unemployment which are accelerating degradation of potential economic growth.

We, Mitsui Korea, will be always monitoring those external environment changes and trying to make the advanced business strategy under the new idea that does not get bogged down in practice and existing success so that we will contribute to the Korean society creating new business.

In addition, we will continue our efforts on developing of human resources with the display of innovative function to meet the trust and expectations of all. Also, we will try to keep our challenge for pioneering the future under uncertain current stage.

We are expect to your continuous support with full of encouragement.

1st of July, 2016