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Employee Volunteerism

Washington DC

Mitsui Washington DC

In autumn-time, a group of employees demonstrates true spirit in a self-motivated “Clean the Park” campaign in local Edward R. Murrow Park, which is in close proximity to the Mitsui Washington DC Office.

Although the park is full of trees and greenery, plenty of trashy garbage also accumulates. So, a few years back, employees decided to help out their park by cleaning up the trash, including a large amount of cigarettes butts, polluting this green space.

The launch of the 2009 First Mitsui Washington DC Park Cleanup.
Mitsui Washington DC bundled up against the chill on November 5, 2011 at their Second Park Cleanup.

With a big help from their family, a commitment to their neighborhood has been made in a tradition of fighting litter in the U.S. Capital.

This is a more important effort than we might imagine since:

18% of all litter / trash ends up polluting streams, rivers and waterways and harming wildlife;

80% of all marine debris comes from land-based sources;

cigarette butts are the most littered item worldwide and anywhere in the U.S.

The following year, November 10, 2012, was a warmer, nicer day for the Third Park Cleanup.
It only takes about 45 minutes of diligent work, by each member of the Mitsui Washington DC team, to accomplish full trash bags and a sense of satisfaction for hands-on efforts.
For the Fourth Park Cleanup, November 10, 2013, new Mitsui Washington DC members participated on a beautiful autumn morning.
Spreading out, trash bags and trash-grabbing tongs in hand, Mitsui Washington DC worked hard to collect all the accumulated litter for proper disposal.

We usually clean the park in November, so having our Fifth Park Cleanup earlier in the year on September 4, 2014 meant an outfit change from winter clothes for working hard, picking up litter on a hot, humid, sunny day. Like other years, a majority of the trash was small items such as cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and plastic bottle caps. People passing by questioned who we were and why we were cleaning, and seemed impressed that our small activity could be such a good influence on society, and recognized the benefit of a cleaner, nicer park,” Mitsui Washington DC Volunteer Activity Leader Hiroko.

One person .... clean-up activity….
….can positively change others’ behaviors. (America the Beautiful, Inc.)

By the time the litter is all collected for proper disposal, a pretty amazing amount of garbage has been cleaned, and Mitsui Washington DC has turned the park back into a little oasis in a big city.

Mitsui Washington D.C. has become a positively influence for their community in a fight against litter, especially since some believe that:

litter, intentional or unintentional, attracts more litter and is the starting point for other community blight;

an attractive environment is believed to help sustain economic prosperity, and reduction of litter is known to improve the ability to attract new businesses
and increase revenue from tourism/convention;

basically, a clean community discourages litter and raises quality of life and living standards.

Mitsui Washington D.C. volunteerism is part of this positive change.