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Employee Volunteerism

Los Angeles

Beautifying Schools with Sharefest Community Development

A school may need freshly painted walls or a restriped track and a playground refreshed with colorful lines, shapes and numbers and brand new benches or need its landscaping rebuilt and beautified.  Either way Mitsui Los Angeles is always ready for a Sharefest Workday project.
What a great way to spend a Saturday, beautifying a school via a Sharefest Workday.  To give hard work for planting or other laborious activities to support a local school must be such a satisfying experience.
Way to go Mitsui Los Angeles! Employees and family are both fostering well-cared for learning environments and showing kids and their families that someone from the public at large cares about them and educational achievement.  Clearly employees are dedicated to Sharefest Community Development and volunteer Workdays in a determination to give Mitsui’s best efforts for the local community.
Sharefest Community Development serves at-risk 11 to 18 year old Latino and African American youth through comprehensive programs and services to strengthen communities and meet the needs of children and families. Sharefest strives to foster volunteerism and positive changes through its service and mentoring projects, which include an annual Workday event to mobilize thousands of volunteers to meet tangible needs by painting, cleaning, refurbishing, planting and beautifying schools, parks, and other public facilities at no cost to community recipients.

Mitsui Los Angeles Employees and Family at a 2016 Sharefest Workday

Results for a Mitsui Los Angeles Workday: A Freshly Landscaped Garden

Mitsui Los Angeles Employees and Family at a 2017 Sharefest Workday
Surveying tasks at hand…

the Mitsui crew spreads out…

with potted plants ready… 

as others break ground…

and the kids hard at work, too…

so the entire school yard is transformed.

A Clean Redondo Beach, A Healthy Pacific Ocean

Every September, Mitsui Los Angeles employees and family eagerly give their earnest efforts on a weekend morning to Cleanup Redondo Beach, CA, which is part of the ever-growing International Coastal Cleanup initiative.

The Cleanup calls for collection, identification, and proper disposal of the trash that has washed up on shore or has been left by visitors, including the smallest bits of garbage such as cigarette butts and bottle caps, and especially plastic items like drinking straws which are extremely hazardous for marine life.

This year for their Redondo Beach volunteerism, Mitsui Los Angeles joined with local Cleanup coordinator, not-for-profit Los Angeles Conservation Corps and its SEA Lab, a hands-on science center dedicated to marine conservation and education programs:

Coordinated Cleanup efforts result in an item-by-item, location-by-location “Ocean Trash Index,” which is compiled by Ocean Conservancy each year, as a global snapshot of the marine debris littering coasts and waterways around the world.

In fact, over the past three decades, Coastal Cleanup Day has become a worldwide movement to end the threat of trash in our oceans by: removing trash and debris from the world's beaches and waterways, identifying the sources of debris, and changing behaviors that allow trash to reach the oceans, such as going reusable to ensure throwaway plastics never have a chance to be left on our beaches or in our waterways.

Keep an eye out for ways to help create Trash Free Seas® and help solve one of our most serious pollution problems.

Mitsui Los Angeles Employees and Family at a 2016 Redondo Beach Cleanup