Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd.

Our Business

Performance Chemicals Second

Business Fields

Transaction business and new business development in High-tech Industories:

  • Display
  • Semiconductor(foundry, memory field etc.)
  • Flexible printable circuit
  • Touch panel

Major Activities

Performance Chemicals Second Division cooperates with Taiwanese makers which play an important role in FPD, Semiconductor and FPC industrials and import raw materials from Japan and Far East and other Asian regions for them. Besides, we also export "MIT (Made in Taiwan)" products to Japan, China and other Asian regions.


Key products

Flexible printable circuit/Touch panel industry:

Polyimide film, release paper/film, PI ink, graphite sheet, TIM(Thermal Interface Material), hard coat film, LDP film.

Display industry:

  • Polarizing sheet related materials (PVA film, recreation film, protecting PET film)
  • Back light unit materials (reflector film)
  • Panel materials (sputtering target)
  • OLED materials