Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd.

Our Business

IT & Communication Business

Business Fields

ICT-based solutions that add market value, high-speed mobile internet connection, online payment, e-commerce, online advertising, TV shopping, contact centers, cyber-security, data centers and cloud computing, etc.

Major Activities

We create and promote new business through utilizing ICT technology.

  • DT Business Development: We design business which contributes to the digital transformation of various industrials, such as mineral resources, manufacturing industry and agriculture, by utilizing IoT, AI, as well as cyber security.
  • Internet Service: We create and promote Internet services such as next-generation retail business, fintech, online payment related business, dynamic pricing, and sharing business.
  • Digital Marketing: We promote “Advanced CRM and Digital Marketing Business” by enhancing direct consumer channels, and provide personalized data marketing and CRM services, by utilizing AI and RPA.
  • Media: Our core business is TV shopping and broadcasting. We also explore and promote new media platform business in digital media fields to adapt to changing times.
  • Internet Communications: We operate communications service business, create and provide its related services for subscribers in emerging countries.

Effort field

  • IT service and IoT business
  • High speed mobile internet business
  • EC, Online payment business
  • TV shopping business
  • Cyber security business
  • Big Data, Data center and cloud computing business