Mitsui Moscow General Director and Chief Regional Representative of Mitsui in CIS countries

Hiroshi Meguro

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am Hiroshi Meguro and have been appointed again as General Director of Mitsui & Co Moscow LLC and Chief Regional Representative of CIS region.

I studied Soviet Union’s politics/economy in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies as well as Russian language in 1979-1983. Then, after joining Mitsui, I had a chance to study the Russian language and culture in Leningrad University in 1986-1987.

In total, I had lived in Russia for 18 years and have started working now again. In short, I have spent more than half of my life in Mitsui and I am going to continue to work here. I have fully committed all my life with Russia.

Having been working for about 18 years’ period, I could see a lot of changes in business atmosphere/environment and I had been involved in various business starting from Trade up to Big Investment.

Mitsui has been really doing various business in Russia for the last 100 years, i.e. from the time of the Russian Empire. Today’s new Mitsui has started working here since 1967, when our new Empress Masako lived here.

We wish to express our great appreciation to the Russian people, who developed business with us and showed the great achievements for the last 52 years.

We have accumulated 19 investments here up to now and most of them have been realized during my past assignment here from 2007 to 2017.

However, it is not enough and it must be further development and expansion, seeing the great potentiality of the economic cooperation between Japan and Russia.

It is my and our staffs’ responsibility and task to develop the further economic cooperation in big scale.

I strongly believe we can do it together with our Russian partners.

Over 200 Russian-speaking Japanese have been already working in today’s Mitsui thanks to our trainee system since 1979, and a lot of the Japanese-speaking Russian staffs are working in all branches besides Moscow.

As above, we are now ready to go further and our management in Tokyo head office is also ready to extend maximum support for the expansion of business here.

We always welcome any business consultation and enquiry.

Sincerely yours,


Managing Officer, Mitsui & Co., Ltd

Chief Regional Representative in CIS countries

General Director, Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC