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Message from the Mitsui Moscow General Director and Chief Regional Representative in CIS countries

Mitsui Moscow General Director and Chief Regional Representative of Mitsui in CIS countries

Maruoka Toshiaki

Dear colleagues and friends!
Thank you for your click to Mitsui Moscow reconstructed web site.

I am Toshiaki Maruoka and since April, 1st 2017 I have taken a position of Chief Regional Representative in CIS region and General Director of Mitsui & Co. Moscow. Let me greet all of you here in Mitsui & Co.Moscow web site and tell you short story about Mitsui.

Mitsui & Co. is a well known global trading and investment Japanese company, active in wide ranging business development in worldwide scale.

The founding father of Mitsui house is Mitsui Takatoshi, who lived in the seventeenth century. He opened small draper's shop in 1673 in Edo (modern-day Tokyo). He pioneered a number of innovative trading methods that went against the accepted practices of the day. Thanks to these innovations Mitsui Takatoshi became extremely prosperous and also branched out into the money changing and transfer business, achieving great success in both retailing and banking. Still now innovations are core of the Mitsui's policy.

This small draper's shop of the 17-th century became an ancestor of today's Mitsui Group. Mitsui & Co. has now a global network of 66 countries, 154 offices and overseas trading subsidiaries, 436 subsidiaries and affiliated companies and more than 40 thousand employees. Today Mitsui & Co.assets are US$103.6 bln. In 2011 Mitsui had revenues of US$56.4 bln and investment and loans reached US$8.3bln.

Due to the global investments and trading operations, Mitsui & Co.contributed significantly to the recovery and economic miracle of Japan after the Second World War. Today Mitsui & Co.'s key business fields are mineral and metal resources, energy, global marketing networks, lifestyle business, infrastructure, iron and steel, motor vehicles and construction machinery, chemical, food, IT, shipbuilding, aerospace, transportation etc. Main aim of Mitsui & to become a global business enabler that can meet the needs of our customers throughout the world. The vital Mitsui & Co.'s cornerstones are

  • build trust with fairness and humility;
  • aspire to set high standards and to contribute to society;
  • embrace the challenge of continuous innovation;
  • foster a culture of open-mindedness;
  • strive to develop others and oneself to achieve full potential.

The history of Mitsui in Russia started in 1967, when Mitsui & Co.opened its first office in the USSR. That time it was located in Hotel "Ukraina" in Moscow. Now Mitsui & the biggest investor into the Russian economy among all other Japanese companies. At present Mitsui & Co.invested more than three billion dollars into the economy of Russia. Russia is one of the five top priority countries in the investment policy of Mitsui & Co. The biggest project in Russia is Sakhalin-Ⅱ. In February of 2009 the first LNG plant in Russia was launched there together with our project partners (Mitsui & pioneer company of this project since we started the negotiations with the Soviet Government in 1987). Mitsui & Co.contributes also to the development of the Russian society and Russian-Japanese relations development.

We sponsor annually educational programs of universities, culture and sports events in Russia. We sincerely believe that it will promote the strengthening of the relations between our countries.

In the conclusion I'd like to say that Mitsui & Co.has many friends in Russia. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, we felt strong support of the Russia's people towards the Japanese. We never forget this testimony of friendship among our peoples. Thank you again for your attention and I hope we'll have a good quality work together to bring the peoples of Japan and Russia closer and to make our world a better place.

I strongly believe that the Japanese and Russian people have the great potential for further development in all areas. Mitsui & Co.and myself shall contribute to it.

Sincerely yours,

Maruoka Toshiaki
Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC General Director and Chief Regional Representative of Mitsui & Co. in CIS