Sumo wrestler Takakeisho-zeki's kesho mawashi (ceremonial apron) presentation ceremony

Feb. 21, 2019

On February 21, 2019, Mitsui & Co., Ltd ("Mitsui") and Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. ("Ako Kasei") presented professional sumo wrestler Takakeisho ("Takakeisho-zeki") with a kesho mawashi (ceremonial apron). The ceremony was a lavish event with more than 100 guests joining to honor Takakeisho-zeki and the Chiganoura Sumo Stable Master, including Minister Brett Cooper of the Australian Embassy, representatives from the Western Australia Government, and executives from companies and partners related to Mitsui's salt production and sales business.

Mitsui's wholly-owned subsidiary Shark Bay Salt Pty. Ltd. ('SBS') is based in Western Australia and produces solar marine salt in the Shark Bay salt field using the beautiful seawater of Western Australia's World Heritage site, Shark Bay. This salt is processed using environmentally friendly techniques that produce virtually zero CO2 emissions, and makes up 100% of the salt used by Ako Kasei in the domestic manufacturing of "Ako's Amashio," brand of table salt.

Ako Kasei and Takakeisho-zeki are both from Hyogo Prefecture, and the company hopes that supporting Takakeisho-zeki and presenting him with this kesho mawashi will help to further promote the value of Shark Bay salt and Ako's Amashio.

The kesho mawashi's design includes the logos of Ako's Amashio and SBS, and the tassel is decorated with the name of Ako Kasei's subsidiary, Amashio Co., Ltd.

This kesho mawashi will be worn by Takakeisho-zeki when he attempts to win the title of Ozeki at the Osaka tournament in March 2019 (beginning on March 10). Ako Kasei will support Takakeisho-zeki by not only sponsoring the 15-day prize money but also by supplying the Ako's Amashio to be used for purification of the sumo ring throughout the sumo tournament. This is the first time ever that SBS salt will be used for this event.

Mitsui will continue contributing to the creation of a cleaner environment and prosperity for those who live in it, by pursuing eco-friendly initiatives like the production of salt in Shark Bay, and by supporting activities like sumo that bring joy to many people.

Ako Kasei Co., Ltd.

Established November, 1971
Representative Yoshinari Ikegami, President
Sales forecast for FY 2018 About ¥11 billion
Main business areas Seasonings and salt, chemical products, health, food, etc.
Relationship with Mitsui Salt produced in Shark Bay by SBS is shipped to Japan for use in Ako Kasei's factories
A kesho mawashi was presented by Mitsui and Ako Kasei to Takakeisho-zekiA kesho mawashi was presented by Mitsui and Ako Kasei to Takakeisho-zeki
Mitsui's 100% owned Shark Bay salt field in Western AustraliaMitsui's 100% owned Shark Bay salt field in Western Australia