Mitsui invests in GOQii, a preventive healthcare platform business in India

Nov. 26, 2018

On November 21, 2018, Mitsui & Co. ("Mitsui") acquired a stake in GOQii Inc. ("GOQii"), a business providing a preventive healthcare platform through a wearable device and smartphone app in India.

GOQii was established in 2014 by Indian entrepreneur Vishal Gondal, who is developing the business with the aim of supporting users around the world to lead healthier lifestyles. The GOQii platform comes equipped with a range of solutions, including an online health data management tool, a real-time individualized health coaching service, an e-commerce store, a regular health-check management tool, a unique "GOQii Cash" program (a system that rewards health management with cash discounts), and insurance discounts based on health management data. In recent years, population growth and the aging of societies has made the growing cost of medical care into a global issue and a focus is being placed on the field of preventive healthcare to provide new solutions to this issue, as it enhances health and lowers the risk of disease. GOQii aims to operate a comprehensive platform within this field which will provide a broad range of services to people all over the world.

Mitsui aims to solve the medical supply-demand gap in Asian countries by building Asia's top healthcare ecosystem in order to deliver high quality healthcare to people. As constituents of this ecosystem, we are investing in multiple businesses in various fields such as hospital care, pharmaceutical products, and dialysis clinics. Currently GOQii is providing its services in India and we will facilitate further expansion of these services, as well as business collaborations with our existing investments in the country. We will also support the future expansion of the company into Japan with the aim of developing new services in the Japanese preventive healthcare field.

Image of GOQii's preventive platform.Image of GOQii's preventive platform.