Mitsui & Co. to launch Ene-Farm surplus electricity purchasing service

Nov. 1, 2018

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui") will launch a purchasing service for surplus energy generated by Ene-Farm type S ("Ene-Farm") with Hiroshima Gas Co., Ltd ("Hiroshima Gas"). Hiroshima Gas will purchase surplus electricity as an intermediary "aggregator" from ordinary homes contracted with city gas, and Mitsui will work as a retail electricity supplier, taking the entire amount and selling it to customers. Hiroshima Gas will accept applications for this service from January 2019, and purchasing will begin in stages from April 2019.

Until now, Ene-Farm was only used to generate electricity inside the home in accordance with the power consumption of each household. However with this service, regardless of power consumption, power will be generated continuously at peak level, and the amount not used in the home (surplus electricity) can be sold. This system will contribute to reducing electricity costs in society by utilizing decentralized energy resources across a large area, in addition to further increasing economic efficiency, and effectively reducing heating and lighting costs of each household using Ene-Farm.

Mitsui is pursuing various initiatives in the power business, utilizing its foundations in the IPP business while continuing activities for the distribution of power and energy management services. Through this project, we will continue to strive towards the supply of more economically efficient electricity while creating new power businesses which respond to the changes in market environment, such as the full liberalization of electricity in Japan.

Outline of the surplus electricity purchasing serviceOutline of the surplus electricity purchasing service