Launch of trial using dietary management app developed by Aim Services to improve lifestyle habits

Sep. 10, 2018

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. affiliated company Aim Services Co., Ltd. ("Aim Services") has jointly developed a dietary management app for smartphones with Oishi Kenko Inc., a company which develops healthtech businesses connected to food. With Aim Services now looking to expanding its business into health management support services at staff cafeterias, the company will begin a trial at a Mitsui & Co employee cafeteria, using this app.

The goal of the trial will be to (1) gather user evaluations of the functionality of the app, and analyze dietary data and changes in behavioral awareness, and (2) use the app to create personalized guidance programs developed by Aim Services dietitians. After the trial, Aim Services plans to introduce these services at other companies, under the names (1) 'Healthy Cafeteria App' and (2) 'Healthy Cafeteria Coach'. A comprehensive health management support service, "Healthy Cafeteria Services", will also be launched, which combines the two services.

While awareness of corporate healthcare management is growing on the back of the lack of human resources resulting from Japan's rapidly aging society, this project will help to solve problems in the domestic healthcare field as well as contribute to a growth strategy advocated by the Japanese government, which includes raising user awareness of disease prevention and pre-symptomatic risks, and curbing national medical expenditures.

*Healthy Cafeteria is a registered trademark of Aim Services

Images of the Healthy Cafeteria app screen displayImages of the Healthy Cafeteria app screen display