Mitsui & Co. launches Oh My Solar! web service offering Japanese corporations free solar power plant performance comparisons and diagnostics

May 7, 2018

On May 7, 2018, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., launched website Oh My Solar!, a free online service which uses meteorological satellite data*1 and Mitsui's own database*2 for the diagnosis and comparison of solar power plant power generation and performance.

Oh My Solar! can diagnose power generation performance by calculating the power generation*3 expected for the power station, and comparing this to the actual performance of power generation amount. This can even be done for power stations without a pyranometer, as meteorological satellite data is used for the calculations.
In addition, it is possible to diagnose performance compared to original planned amounts by comparing the actual amount of power generation with the planned power generation amount*4 as cited by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization. The service can also be used to compare actual power generation performance and output amount per solar cell with other registered power plants (currently at around 1,700) on the Oh My Solar! website*5.

Through the Oh My Solar! service, Mitsui & Co. is working to help improve the performance and stable operations of Japan's solar power plants by visualizing their full potential, contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society.

*1 - Data provided by NPO Solar Radiation Consortium
*2 - Data provided by partner companies and solar power plants developed by the Mitsui Group
*3 - Past expected power generation of target power stations is calculated using meteorological satellite data. MOSOLA-11, released by NEDO, is used for angle of inclination and orientation azimuth angle
*4 - Planned power generation amount uses METPV-11 (yearly average), released by NEDO
*5 - Comparison of performance and power generation output amount area per solar cell with other power plants is possible by displaying the location of the individually registered power plant and the distribution conditions within the registered power station.

The Oh My Solar! websiteThe Oh My Solar! website
Photographs of the outside of a solar power plant developed by the Mitsui GroupPhotographs of the outside of a solar power plant developed by the Mitsui Group