Mitsui to Launch Digital Transformation Demonstration Experiment at Power Plant in Mexico

Aug. 31, 2017

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. will launch a digital transformation demonstration experiment*1 in September 2017 at a gas-fired combined circle power plant owned by MT Falcon Holdings Company, S.A.P.I. de C.V. ("MT Falcon), a 40% subsidiary of Mitsui, with the aim of improving plant operation and maximizing the asset value of MT Falcon.

Mitsui will create the "Mitsui Digital Twin"*2 environment where Mitsui accumulates plant operational data and perform IOT software analysis utilizing a data infrastructure built based on the PI System of OSIsoft, LLC*3, in parallel with the installation "Predix"*4, an innovative IOT platform for industrial users developed and promoted by GE.

In addition to this experiment, Mitsui has entered into an MOU with GE with the aim of launching the discussion framework for collaboratively seeking the possibility of creating a new digital data-oriented business model. Mitsui and GE will deepen their discussion on how to set up business success criteria with high versatility and transparency, leveraging the strong synergy between Mitsui's global experience and knowledge as an IPP and GE's highly sophisticated expertise as a leading digital and industrial company.

In May 2017, Mitsui created the new position of "Chief Digital Officer" with the aim of promoting business model changes in the entire company through digital transformation utilizing AI and IoT in the midst of the current global industrial structure change driven by digital technology. Through the planned demonstration experiment, Mitsui will try to realize 1) cost reduction by improved operational efficiency, 2) enhancement of the value of Mitsui's industrial assets, and 3) establishment of a new earnings base in digital-oriented new growth fields. Leveraging the experiment results accumulated through this project, Mitsui will seek to expand this project to Mitsui's other global industrial assets to achieve digital transformation-driven, stronger, and higher profitability for Mitsui global group.

*1 Demonstration Experiment
This project aims to improve plant operation by reducing the availability loss of the power plant through the realization of preventive maintenance by identifying the defect possibility in a Digital Twin created based on the analysis of the data dispatched from the sensors placed in the plant. When an unscheduled outage occurs at a power plant, the plant owner bears additional cost and lost profit. A plant owner can improve plant profitability by minimizing the period of such unscheduled outage.

*2 Mitsui Digital Twin
Mitsui Digital Twin is a data platform constructed on the basis of a cloud-based PI system. This platform optimally combines various data analysis solutions, such as analysis of Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR), Asset Performance Monitoring, etc., that are utilized mainly in the electric power industry. This data platform environment is designed to improve operations through anomaly detection and to enable a more sophisticated level of business investment activities.

*3 OSIsoft, LLC
Global leader in data management technologies for industrial customers, M2M systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to the process of giving communications functionality to not only information and communication devices such as computers, but also to everyday objects, and connecting them to the internet for automatic recognition and remote operation and control. Machine to machine (M2M) allows machines to share information with each other over a communications network, facilitating high-level autonomous control and operations.

*4 GE Predix
By the said demonstration experiment, Mitsui will try to improve the operational reliability and optimize the maintenance of the plant in which it invested, by installing Asset Performance Management (APM) and Assets Strategy Optimization (ASO) on the IOT platform developed by GE. To enhance precision of this project, vibration sensors also will be installed on the plant's rotating equipment. For reference, those systems will be installed at plants using other OEMs' gas turbines.

Falcon's Corporate Profile

Name of Company MT Falcon Holdings Company S.A.P.I. de C.V.
Established 2009
Head Office Mexico City
Shareholders Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (40%), Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (30%), JERA Co., Inc. (20%), Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (10%)
Asset portfolio 5 gas-fired combined cycle power plants (2,233 MW) and 1 gas pipeline
Saltillo Power PlantSaltillo Power Plant