Mitsui & Co. Grand Prize Runner-up in Nikkei Annual Report Awards 2015

Jan. 25, 2016

Mitsui & Co. Ltd.’s ‘Annual Report 2015 (Integrated Report) ’ was a runner-up for the grand prize in the 2015 Nikkei Annual Report Awards.

Hosted annually by the newspaper company Nikkei Inc. since 1998, the Nikkei Annual Report Awards are regarded as an authoritative contest for annual reports published by Japanese companies. This year one company was selected for the grand prize and four companies as grand prize runners-up, while 13 companies received awards for excellence.

Mitsui’s ‘Annual Report 2015’ took the form of an integrated report designed to inform stakeholders about the company’s global value creation activities. Starting with a message from the new president about Mitsui’s vision and strategies, the report includes sections about initiatives toward the realization of the New Medium-term Management Plan and the value creation processes that Mitsui has continually developed and enhanced, providing case studies. There are also report sections which explain corporate governance, CSR activities carried out through business operation, and other initiatives implemented by the company. We hope that the Annual Report will provide readers with a deeper understanding of what Mitsui is.

The cover of Mitsui & Co.’s ‘Annual Report 2015 (Integrated Report)’ The cover of Mitsui & Co.’s ‘Annual Report 2015 (Integrated Report)’