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Recruitment of Human Resources

Our Approach

Mitsui & Co. is committed to fair recruitment practices. We select individuals on the basis of their abilities and personal qualities. For example, we offer people to apply for positions without regard to nationality, gender, age, or other attributes, such as the universities from which they graduated. Our selection processes, including entry sheets and interviews, include no questions that are irrelevant to applicants' abilities or suitability, such as religion or registered place of domicile. Furthermore, staff who conduct interviews receive training to ensure fair employment screening processes for applicants. We accept applications both from new graduates and mid-career applicants, regardless of their previous work experience.

Specific Policies on Employment Screening and Job Advertisements

Since the fiscal year ended March 2018, Mitsui has run a two-day recruitment camp to ensure that selections are based on a proper understanding of the company and its business operations. Seven people were selected under this system in the fiscal year ended March 2018, and in the fiscal year ended March 2019 the number was increased to 17. The system gives applicants opportunities to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of Mitsui's business, and enables them to gain a clear understanding of the company through communication with employees. It also allows us to make decisions based on a better recognition of each individual's abilities and personal qualities, so that we can assign them to appropriate positions after they join the company.

In addition, we have been providing a wide range of application opportunities as part of our efforts to recruit diverse individuals capable of working successfully in a global arena. We hold corporate information sessions and selection screening programs in the United Kingdom, the United States and France, as well as web seminars so that people throughout the world can learn about our business and company system.

We also actively recruit mid-career workers and recruit 30-40 people in this category each year, which is equivalent to about 20% of total appointments. Various methods, such as round-table meetings with employees, are used to give applicants opportunities to learn more about our business operations.

Moreover, we actively disseminate group recruitment information with the aim of attracting talented people to work for the Mitsui & Co. group by holding joint corporate information sessions with group companies, and through other means.

Number of Hires by gender (Non-consolidated)

Career Education Programs

Mitsui offers various career education programs designed to foster career awareness in students and provide work experience opportunities. A particular priority in this category is internship. We accepted 110 interns in the fiscal year ended March 2017, 311 in 2018, and 190 in 2019. In the fiscal year ended March 2019, we launched a three-day residential program and a one-day session, through which participants were able to engage in various activities with employees, including collaboratively creating proposals on new projects.

Throughout the year, we hold "Challenge and Innovation Experience" seminars, in which participants can get a taste of Mitsui's actual business operations through case studies. There are several versions of these seminars covering different aspects of our work, including business investment, trading, and overseas infrastructure projects. We held 27 seminars in various parts of Japan in the fiscal year ended March 2018, and 49 in the fiscal year ended March 2019.