Human Resources to Translate into Assets

Basic Policy

Human Resources Approach

Throughout its long history, Mitsui & Co. has placed great importance on certain values and philosophies, such as a "Focus on Human Resources," "Open-mindedness," and "Challenge and Innovation." In line with these values, we have always placed importance on people and worked to train and develop diverse human resources who can contribute to society.

Our corporate mission is to "strive to contribute to the creation of a future where the aspirations of people can be fulfilled." To achieve this mission, we will increase our efforts to instill our values and organizational culture, which have led people to say that "Mitsui is people," through human resource development activities for the approximately 44,000 employees who work for the Mitsui & Co. global group.

The business environment is changing rapidly, and the future is difficult to predict. In order for the Mitsui & Co. global group to continue to create new value in this environment, we are sharpening the abilities of individual personnel and exerting the high-level capabilities and expertise of Mitsui and its group companies, thereby increasing the comprehensive strengths of the Mitsui & Co. global group. We believe that creating environments in which the diverse people who work for the group can work energetically is key to realizing that goal.

Key Elements of Human Resources Management System

Mitsui regards human resources management system as a tool that helps every individual employee to work energetically and leads to the realization of our corporate mission and vision. The basic philosophy stated above is reflected in the following priorities.

1. Recruitment of Human Resources
We will recruit people highly motivated to take on new challenges as well-balanced individuals.
2. Human Resource Development
We will develop people who share the values of Mitsui & Co. and have leadership skills that enable them to take the initiative in realizing our management philosophy.
3. Appropriate Appointment and Deployment of Personnel
We will appoint and promote optimal people from the Mitsui & Co. global group's global human resource pool.
4. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
We will foster a corporate culture in which employees with diverse backgrounds accept differences and respect one another.
5. Developing an Environment that Realizes Employee Potential
We will implement measures to develop an environment in which individuals can perform their tasks energetically at their full potential through diverse work styles.
6. Consideration for Employee Wellness, Working Environments, and Health and Safety
We will create healthy and safe working environments in which employees can continue to work with confidence.

Mitsui & Co. global group companies will share the above approaches through the Mitsui Global Business Management Guidelines and by other means. We will formulate human resources management system, and recruit, train and appoint personnel on the basis of said guidelines, according to the particular circumstances of individual companies.