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Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Concept

Faced with the many changes taking place in today's increasingly volatile global business environment, it is important that we secure a wide range of human resources with diverse values so that we can respond to the various changes and transform risks into business opportunities. Based on this concept, the Mitsui & Co. group is promoting the career development of human resources who come from a wide variety of backgrounds in terms of nationality, gender, values, and other attributes.

We implement "diversity management," under which each and every member of our diverse human resources recognizes and respects each other, stimulates each other to exert their capabilities to the fullest, brings new value to our business, and creates innovation. This allows us to enhance the competitiveness of the Mitsui & Co. global group.

While developing systems and measures for supporting the growth of diverse human resources, we have also been focusing on cultivating a corporate climate and culture that fosters "diversity & inclusion," in which where diversity is accepted and respected.

The Diversity Management that Mitsui Is Aiming For

The Diversity Management that Mitsui Is Aiming For

Diversity Management Promotion Framework

Officer in charge Hirotatsu Fujiwara, Representative Director, Senior Executive Managing Officer
Deliberation body (advisory committee to the Corporate Management Committee) Diversity Promotion Committee
Established in April 2006. Regularly carries out deliberations and makes decisions in relation to policies and measures for the promotion of diversity management at Mitsui.
Secretariat Diversity Management Department, Human Resources & General Affairs Division.
In October 2005 the Diversity Management Promotion Department (since renamed the Diversity Management Department) was set up in the Human Resources & General Affairs Division. It has been leading efforts to promote diversity management.

Diversity Management Promotion Framework

Cultivation of a Corporate Climate and Culture of "Diversity & Inclusion" :
Seminar on Innovation Driven by Diversity & Inclusion

In order to further facilitate understanding of and raising awareness of diversity & inclusion," we hold a diversity and inclusion promotion seminar annually. For the event held in the fiscal year ended March 2019, we invited as a speaker Ms. Vicky Binns, Vice President Marketing Minerals of BHP Group Limited, which is the world largest integrated resource company and an important partner for us. The theme was "How we can connect diversity and inclusion to business creation," and lively panel discussions took place after the lecture.

Career Development Initiatives for Women

As one of our key initiatives to promote the careers of diverse human resources at Mitsui, we have been promoting human resources development, environment improvements, and mindset changes to support female staff members (both business staff and administrative staff ) in building and continuing their careers.

Action Plans Related to Career Development Initiatives for Women

Mitsui has formulated "Voluntary Action Plan on Promotion of Women to Managerial and Board Positions" and "Action Plan Related to the Promotion of Women's Empowerment" to promote women's empowerment, and is implementing related initiatives.

Our goal of "more than tripling the number of female staffs at managerial positions as of June 2014 (which was 67) by around 2020," which was noted in both of the aforementioned plans, was achieved in July 2018 two years ahead of the original plan.

Voluntary Action Plan on Promotion of Women to Managerial and Board Positions

Our voluntary action plan was posted on the Keidanren website in December 2014.

As of July 1, 2019, Mitsui has 3 female officers (2 Directors and 1 Audit & Supervisory Board Member) and the ratio of female officers to the total number of officers is 15.8%.


Action Plan Related to the Promotion of Women's Empowerment (from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021)

The plan describes our targets for the period up to the end of the fiscal year ending March 2020 under the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

Action Plan Related to the Promotion of Women's Empowerment (from April 1, 216 to March 31, 2021) (PDF 516KB)

Recognition from Society of Our Promotion of Women's Empowerment

Nadeshiko Brand, Semi-Nadeshiko Brand

Mitsui has been selected as a "Nadeshiko Brand" and "Semi-Nadeshiko Brand" company by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) for five consecutive years. As a "Nadeshiko Brand" company, Mitsui has been selected in the fiscal years ended March 2015, March 2016, and March 2018, and as "Semi-Nadeshiko" brand, in the fiscal years ended March 2017 and March 2019.

Nadeshiko Brand
Since the fiscal year ended March 2013, METI and the TSE have been jointly selecting TSE-listed outstanding enterprises that encourage women's success in the workplace as "Nadeshiko Brands." This initiative aims to introduce the above outstanding companies as attractive stocks to investors who put emphasis on improvement of corporate value from a medium- to long-term perspective, facilitate investment in the companies concerned, and accelerate the business activities of the companies.
(From the METI website)


Mitsui was certified as having Eruboshi status by the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare on September 30, 2016. The Eruboshi system certifies companies that have submitted notifications under the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Promotion of Women's Career Activities Act) promulgated on April 1, 2016, and which meet the specified standards, and are regarded as implementing outstanding initiatives to promote the advancement of women in the workplace. Mitsui was certified as having achieved the second of the three levels under the Eruboshi system.

Initiatives to Support Continuous Career Development

Training for Female Business Staff (Career-vision Training)

This training is provided for young female business staff. The most important aim of the training is to help participants prepare for their future long-term career paths. The training helps employees to develop concrete ideas about the growing range of choices that they will face, along with life events and other factors, through dialogue with senior colleagues and discussions with staff members working in the same environment.

Female Mentor System

The female mentor system has been introduced to provide opportunities for female employees to learn about the significance of working for Mitsui and discover new ideas about career development through communication with more experienced female coworkers. The system provides a way to seek advice about matters ranging from minor problems in day-to-day activities through to career planning. A wide range of female employees are selected as mentors from among those who have worked overseas, experienced various life events, or are active in the frontline at the business divisions or as secondees. Employees can choose their mentor depending on the type of advice they need. Mitsui has also established mentor systems for non-Japanese employees and young employees.

Diversity Cafe

The 24th session of the Diversity Cafe in progressThe 24th session of the Diversity Cafe in progress

Along with changes in the social milieu, such as a greater diversity in people's sense of values, the rising number of dual income households where husbands and wives both hold jobs, and the aging of the population, there has been an increase in the number of employees seeking new kinds of career paths and wanting to maintain a balance between their work and private lives. We host Diversity Cafe to allow employees of all ages and roles to come together and have the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences, and to discuss and share information on matters of common interest. Last year, we organized the first Diversity Cafe for male employees since we started this initiative in 2009. In an amicable atmosphere, the participants had discussions on such themes as "advice for male employees who consider taking child care leave of male employees" and "work-life management for dual income households."

Support for Employees Who Are Citizens of Countries Other Than Japan

Mitsui & Co. group has excellent human resources belonging to a variety of nationalities and resident in different countries and regions around the world, and encourages them to play an active role in developing business that is closely connected with individual region. In order to boost global group management, Mitsui brings employees from its group companies to Japan on job transfers and training, and supports human resources development and the establishment of human networks within the group. Moreover, Mitsui has built a support framework for non-Japanese employees who are hired by the Tokyo Head Office, such as a mentor system aiming to provide comprehensive support for the career development and independence, and provision of support for administrative procedures, such as updating or changing visa status.

Promoting Understanding of LGBT(*)

While views about LGBT issues vary from country to country, Mitsui believes that gaining a proper understanding of LGBT and issues surrounding LGBT is an important part of building relationships of trust with the people we meet in our work. Accordingly, we have implemented measures such as providing an internal consultation service, holding internal seminars in Japan, and posting the LGBT Guidebook on the company intranet. In addition, we cover the topic of LGBT as part of Overseas Pre-posting Training for employees being posted overseas, supporting employees' understanding before their posting. In terms of facilities, multi-purpose restrooms have been installed in the Tokyo Head Office.

*: LGBT is an abbreviation of L = Lesbian, G = Gay, B = Bisexual, T = Transsexual. In this report, "LGBT" is also used to refer to all sexual minorities, addition to LGBT.

Hiring of People with Disabilities

In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, and as part of its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, Mitsui is working to expand the quantity and quality of employment opportunities for people with various types of disabilities. In this area, we work closely with Mitsui & Co. Business Partners Ltd., which was established in 1981 as a trailblazing special-purpose subsidiary.

For over 20 years, Mitsui has exceeded the statutory rate for the employment of people with disabilities, and as of June 2019 our rate stood at 2.77%. We remain committed to the sustainable expansion of employment opportunities. We have set a target of 3.0% for 2023, when the statutory rate is expected to be revised, and we will continue to implement various initiatives with the aim of achieving this target.

From the perspective of qualitative improvement, we do not limit the types of work that people do according to whether or not they have disabilities. Instead, we strive to create working environments in which people can work with passion and motivation and learn to recognize each other's contributions by handling tasks that match their individual abilities, and in which they can take up new challenges and achieve continuous growth while creating wide-ranging value. In fact, people with disabilities are employed in an extremely broad range of work, especially in the areas of human resource management and general administration, such as operations relating to HR matters, wages, welfare, business travel arrangements, printing, mail processing, expense reimbursement, data processing, and office layout management. We will continue to develop and expand the fields of work, in order to provide opportunities for people with various disabilities to contribute and grow.

We also help to facilitate employment for people with disabilities in our affiliated companies by holding an annual seminar and information-sharing meeting each year. The 2018 meeting took the form of a panel discussion, which was attended by 29 people from 20 companies.

We will continue to promote employment for people with disabilities from both the qualitative and quantitative perspectives across the entire Mitsui & Co. group, as part of our commitment to removing barriers to social participation.

Trends in the percentage of people with disabilities in Mitsui's work force (as of June 1)

Trends in the percentage of people with disabilities in Mitsui's work force (as of June 1)

Supporting the Active Participation of Senior Personnel

We have established a unit within the Human Resources and General Affairs Division that is fully dedicated to supporting our senior (older) personnel. We provide various training opportunities, such as Career Design Training, as well as holding individual interviews to support senior personnel aged over 50 to help them actively engage in business, etc. and to independently design their own career development path.

Mitsui has introduced a "re-employment system" that provides employees who wish to continue working after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 60 with the opportunity to continue working up to the maximum age of 65. We strive to build an environment that enables active participation by senior personnel by continuing to make use of their work experience, knowledge, and skills even after they reach the mandatory retirement age.

Furthermore, we provide support to employees for their new careers outside the company, in line with their choice of career paths.

Initiatives to Support the Careers of Senior Employees so as to Play Active Roles Within and Outside the Company

Provision of information
  • Interviews for senior personnel
  • Individual interviews for employees aged 50 and above who wish to have an interview. Information and advice are provided on various individual themes, such as the employee's future career, the company's retirement benefits and pension system, the retiree support system, the re-employment system, current conditions in the rehiring market for senior employees, and planning and preparation for life after retirement. (Approximately 200 interviews are held per year.)

  • Re-employment system seminars
  • The seminars are held to explain the system to employees seven months before mandatory retirement age. (Held four times per year for a total of approximately 140 employees.)

  • Interview to confirm intentions regarding re-employment
  • Interviews are given to employees who did not attend the re-employment system seminars or any other employees who wish to have an interview.

  • Career design training
  • Two-day training held twice in total for business staff aged 48 to 51 and 54 to 58. It provides an opportunity for participants to understand public systems and internal systems, review their values, strengths and weaknesses, and think about choices of working styles. (Held 11 times in FY March 2019, with 273 participants.)

  • Career Design Follow-up Training
  • An evening course for employees who have already received career design training and would like follow-up training. (Held 3 times in FY March 2019, with 65 participants.)

  • Life plan training
  • One-day training program for administrative staff aged 50 and above. (Held 2 times in FY March 2019, for 38 participants.)

Support for active participation within the company
  • Discussions are held by the Re-employment Committee, which is composed of executive officers and division GMs, about the specific activities of each senior employee. Support is given for a diverse range of opportunities both in Japan, and at overseas offices and affiliated companies.
  • We have developed the Overseas Fringe Benefits System to support overseas activities.
  • As of March 31, 2019, there were 129 re-employment contract employees (including 8 employees working overseas). In the fiscal year ended March 2019, 46% of employees aged 60 accepted a re-employment offer.
Support for activities outside the company
  • The retiree support system is for employees aged 50 or above who wish to look for re-employment outside the company. We provide support for job-seeking employees through companies specialized in that area, and we post re-employment information via the intranet. In the fiscal year ended March 2019, 41 employees aged 50 or above found their next career outside the company utilizing the support directly or indirectly provided by the company.