Human Resources to Translate into Assets

Appropriate Appointment and Allocation of Personnel

Policy on Placing the Right People in the Right Positions

People are the most important assets for the Mitsui & Co. global group. We aim to create a cycle in which our human resources can grow through opportunities for diverse experiences, while deepening their human networks, thereby creating opportunities for even better experiences.

Deployment of Employees

Every year, employees are given the opportunity to have dialogue with their superiors on the basis of the prescribed career development survey sheet. Based on the individual employee's characteristics, expertise and experience, we formulate a plan for the development and utilization of our human resources and implement appropriate and optimized personnel assignments, in order to maximize the potential of our diverse, talented professionals and organizational strengths.

Swift and Flexible Reallocation of Human Resources

Re-allocation of Human Resources

Human resources are vital but finite management resources. Taking into account the external environment and the balance between our portfolios and profits, we agilely transfer and position our human resources to growth areas that we have defined as targets under our management policies. We are continually implementing human resource re-allocation measures such as the ones listed below to accelerate our business offensives, which has resulted in the promotion of business by diverse, talented professionals.

In the fiscal year ended March 2017, we re-allocated approximately 30 people from resource areas into non-resource growth areas, such as "healthcare" and "nutrition & agriculture," in order to build a structure capable of generating stable profits without being impacted by resource prices.

Since the fiscal year ended March 2018, we have transferred approximately 100 people from administrative units to business units and affiliated companies, with the aim of streamlining administrative units and strengthening business frontline units.

Personnel Exchanges

At intervals of approximately two years, we exchange personnel among different units. Approximately 300 people have taken part in exchanges since the program was introduced in the fiscal year ended March 2010. The aim is to share and disseminate knowledge and specialist skills held by organizations and employees beyond organizational boundaries, and in so doing enable employees to fully employ the comprehensive strengths and the networks of the Mitsui & Co. global group, and to develop human resources with broad perspectives.

Young employees with up to four or five years of experience are transferred to domestic branches and offices under our Career Development Program designed to accelerate growth through contacts with customers at the business frontlines.

Systems to Help Employees Take up Challenges

Human Resources Bulletin Board System

This system allows employees to move from their presently assigned business sector to different business areas of their choice. If an employee wants to use his or her capabilities, skills and specialist knowledge in a business area other than the one to which he or she is currently assigned, and if it is judged that the transfer would be beneficial for both the employee concerned and the company, and would enhance the competitiveness of our human resources and organization, then a transfer will be implemented. In the fiscal year ended March 2019, 18 employees were transferred under this system, which gave a cumulative total of approximately 400 employees transferred since the commencement of this system in the fiscal year ended March 2000.

Development and Promotion of Regionally Hired Staff

Change Leader Program

CLP participantsCLP participants

The Change Leader Program (CLP) was implemented as an initiative to identify, nurture and develop diverse talent on a global basis and to train them to become leaders who can actively and boldly push forward reforms necessary to create business. A total of 30 participants from around the world joined this program in the fiscal year ended March 2019. Participants received direct advice from top management in the Headquarters, and underwent intensive business discussions with their sponsor divisions. Mentors were assigned for each participant to further facilitate their growth, while they set up their own stretch assignments to accomplish. As a measure to foster and retain talented human resources, and to strengthen innovation and initiatives for business creation, we plan to continue this program going forward.

Training and Transfer to Japan

Personnel Sent to Japan (As of March 31 each year)

Personnel Sent to Japan (As of March 31 each year)* Including one regionally hired staff transferee accepted by an affiliated

Regionally hired staff selected for training as next-generation leaders are sent to Japan in various ways. They are given opportunities to study the Japanese language and Japanese business practices and experience Japanese work styles, while learning about other aspects of Japan, such as its culture and history. Their training is targeted toward their development as management personnel who will one day play key roles in Mitsui & Co. global group management. In addition to opportunities to network with people within and beyond Mitsui & Co. global group, the program is also designed to enable participants to build lifelong relationships by inspiring and being inspired by other talented people who are gathered in Japan for the same purpose. The Program to dispatch regionally hired staff to Japan started in early 2000. Since then, a total of 159 people had participated in various training programs in Japan as of March 2014. The Mitsui & Co. global group will continue to implement these programs going forward.

Promotions to Executive Positions

Number of GM Positions Held by Regionally Hired Staff (As of March 31 each year)

Number of GM Positions Held by Regionally Hired Staff (As of March 31 each year)

An increasing number of talented regionally hired staff are being promoted to managerial positions, in line with our commitment to training regionally hired staff in each region and strengthening our pool of human resources and locally-originated business. In the past, most people appointed to managerial positions as general managers (GMs) in overseas offices were sent out from Japan. As a result of coaching and training regionally hired staff, as well as providing opportunities for assignment to Japan and for global training and other initiatives, the percentage of GM positions held by regionally hired staff has reached 31% in the Americas, 24% in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and 8% in the Asia Pacific region (as of March 2018). We will continue to strengthen our efforts to achieve optimal personnel allocation, including staff hired in Japan, as part of the continuing globalization of human resources in the Mitsui & Co. global group. The number of general manager positions held by regionally hired staff is expected to exceed 100 by the fiscal year ending March 2020.

Transfers between Overseas Countries

Number of Regionally Hired Staff Transferred between Overseas Countries (As of March 31 each year)

Number of Regionally Hired Staff Transferred between Overseas Countries (As of March 31 each year)

Appointing personnel with a thorough knowledge of each country and region is essential to developing business with deep local roots, in order to capture every business opportunity while adapting flexibly to everchanging business environments. We are driving further diversification forward to ensure that the right people can work in the right place on a global basis, regardless of nationality or location of recruitment. We are increasingly providing employees with opportunities not only for training in Japan, but also for transferring to other overseas offices, in addition to offices in other countries in the same region. Recent examples include the transfer of staff from India and South Korea to Dubai in the Middle East. We will continue to support the globalization of human resources in the Mitsui & Co. global group, while verifying the effectiveness and advantages of this policy.