Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality 2015-2018

Enhancement of Local Industrial Bases & Quality of Life

Recognition of societal issues

We recognize the importance of contributing to the lives of people in the countries and regions where we do business, with respect to the enhancement of quality of life, development of local industries, development of the educational environment, and the creation of employment opportunities.

  • Ageing infrastructure in developed nations
  • Infrastructure development in emerging countries
  • Food safety and reliability
  • Maintenance of health, securing of medical, nursing-care, and welfare services

Main risks and opportunities


Loss of credibility due to safety or health problems affecting infrastructure users or final consumers of products and services.


Expansion of markets through infrastructure development, measures to ensure food safety, and "healthcare ecosystem" development aimed at enhancing the quality of life in emerging countries, etc., and creation of markets by promoting ICT-based business to build urban social infrastructure in response to the move toward developing smart cities.


Mitsui's Approach

Through our business activities, we engage in developing the infrastructure needed for growth and prosperity in countries and regions all around the world, including electric power, transportation and communications. We also strive to improve basic services, such as healthcare and care for the aged, to create new value, envisaging a future in the next-generation business domains that embody innovation, and to develop local industries and create employment.

In particular, we are working towards our goal to improve access to medicine, through business initiatives targeted at the supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals on a global basis, the improvement of productivity in drug development, and the optimization of drug costs. We will actively implement initiatives based on strategies designed to eliminate the healthcare supply-demand gap in developing countries, and at the same time, also give priority to marketing with the aim of supplying drugs that physicians and pharmacists can choose and supply to consumers with confidence.

We also contribute to developing human resources with global perspectives and improving the educational environment through the hosting of endowed lecture programs at universities and through a variety of education funds and scholarships.

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Theme Related policies and guidelines, and targets set Identifying material topics Boundary
Within the organization Outside the organization
Development of the Social Infrastructure Indirect Economic Impacts Target Target
Provision of Safe, Reliable Products and Services
  • Consumer Product Handling Policy
  • Consumer Product Handling Regulations
Customer Health and Safety Target Target
Participation and Development in Communities Social Contributions Policy Local Communities Target Target
Contribution to Developing People with an International Mindset Social Contributions Policy