Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality 2015-2018

Respect for Human Rights

Recognition of societal issues

As a company with a diverse range of value chains in many countries and regions, we regard respect for human rights, including those of business associates and consumers, based on international standards as the foundation of sustainability management.

  • Greater responsibility for human rights in the supply chain (labor practices, impact on local residents, etc.)
  • Consideration for indigenous people in conjunction with resources development
  • Illicit use of personal information that may be obtained via the increasingly widespread use of Internet and digital communications technology

Main risks and opportunities


Disputes or protests concerning human rights issues in every spectrum of business that could hinder the start-up or continuation of business, and leakage of information held by the company that could be used to identify individuals.


Strengthening of the ability to ensure stable supply through consideration for human rights across all supply chains.


Mitsui’s Approach

Being aware of our role as a member of the international community, we work to understand the culture, traditions, and practices of each country and region in which we operate. We are working to ensure there is no discrimination based on race, belief, gender, social status, religion, nationality, age, or mental or physical abilities, and take action to rectify labor practices that violate human rights. We are committed to the eradication of forced labor and child labor. We do not condone any form of child labor and are committed to following minimum working age laws wherever we operate. We are committed to complying with laws concerning slavery and human trafficking wherever we operate. Acknowledging that our responsibility extends beyond legal compliance within our own operations, we also work to ensure that human rights are respected in the supply chain. We are also contributing to the development of a society in which human rights are respected, by preventing the illicit use of personal information through implementation of countermeasures against increasingly sophisticated and devious cyber attacks and the resulting risk of the leaking of information that could be used to identify individuals.

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Theme Related policies and guidelines, and targets set Identifying material topics Boundary
Within the organization Outside the organization
Support for International Standards Basic CSR Policy Security Practices Target Target
Rights of Indigenous Peoples Target Target
Promotion of Management for Human Rights Human Rights Assessment Target Target