Mitsui's Forests

About Mitsui's Forests

Mitsui's decisions on what is best for our forests.

Forest Management Policy

  1. Guiding Principle

    Mindful of its corporate mission, "Strive to contribute to the creation of a future where the aspirations of the people can be fulfilled," we are committed to carefully nurturing our forests to pass them on to the next generation.

  2. Management Policy

    Mitsui gives its forest the status of "assets with a high degree of public use that benefits the whole of society". As well as providing the reusable natural resource of lumber, forests can fulfill a range of socially beneficial functions if properly managed and enhanced on a consistent basis; for instance, they can purify the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, and they can act as a reservoir that stores and purifies rainwater. On the other hand, if forests are neglected and not adequately maintained, they may increase the likelihood of natural disasters and develop into a source of other social problems. Aware of the social value that its forests possess, Mitsui regards their long-term ownership and maintenance as an important social responsibility. So as to maximize the socially beneficial functions of our forests, we work to enhance these functions based on the FSC®'s Forest Management Principles and Criteria, and also SGEC's Forest Management Certification Principles and Indicators.

  3. Policy

    In its concrete activities in the context of its forest holdings, Mitsui will act conscientiously on the basis of the management policy outlined above, giving full consideration to their social significance and maintaining a strong awareness of their environmental impact. Accordingly, we will redouble our efforts in the following areas:
    ・Offering Forest Environmental Programs to stakeholders
    ・Research work and concrete action to preserve biodiversity
    ・Achieving sustainability in the production of wooden material as a reusable natural resource and promoting its utilization as wood biomass