Human Resource Development with an International Perspective

Mitsui Bussan Trade Promotion Foundation (Scholarships for Overseas Students and Other Activities)

The Mitsui Bussan Trade Promotion Foundation was established in 1927 under the chairmanship of the company's first president, Takashi Masuda, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the former Mitsui. The foundation ceased to operate with Mitsui's dissolution at the end of the war, but was reactivated in 1989 and continues its work today. In addition to hosting trade research conferences, the foundation nowadays also promotes international exchange and provides support to overseas students at universities in Japan. The support had been provided to the students from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other countries.
The foundation, authorized as a public foundation by the Japanese Government on April 1st, 2012 under the related laws, started its new activities in support of the "Mitsui-Bussan scholarship program for Indonesia" and its scholarship students and also the "Mitsui Educational Foundation (Australia)" and its trainees to Japan from the universities in Australia.