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Implementation of "Visiting Lecture Project" Based on the BS Channel 12 Reconstruction Support Documentary "Textbook for Our Future — For Our Children"

Over almost five years since the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mitsui & Co. has been supporting production and broadcasts of the documentary series "Textbook for Our Future — For Our Children" aired by BS 12ch TwellV, which is a television broadcaster operated by Mitsui & Co.'s subsidiary. Focusing on the theme "the Present, Challenges, the Future" with respect to disaster-stricken areas starting from immediately after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami, the episodes feature commentary by people active in the region while conveying how they are working together in efforts to overcome hardships ensuing in the aftermath of the unprecedented disaster.

Through the "Visiting Lecture Project" launched in 2014, a textbook is prepared each year featuring twelve individuals from among roughly 300 people that have been profiled in the documentary series thus far. Then, members of the Recovery Assistance Media Team who have been conducting interviews for the documentary, along with people who have actually appeared in the series, travel to classrooms where they act as teachers for the day by holding classes centered on the theme of "nurture a zest for living" for children who will play a future key role in the reconstruction of the Tohoku region.

By making it possible for children who experienced the disaster to have direct contact with these teachers for a day, Mitsui & Co. is enabling these youth to gain exposure to role models they can take inspiration from, heightening their interests and aspirations with respect to their future plans and career paths, and providing opportunities for them to gain motivation with respect to their own future courses of action and activities that can be pursued in the region.