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China: Mitsui-Endowed Lecture Program at Fudan University and the activities at Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School

Fudan University in Shanghai is a general university with faculties encompassing both the humanities and the sciences. It ranks alongside Peking University and Tsinghua University as one of China's most important educational institutions. In 2005, in collaboration with the university, Mitsui established an endowed program titled "Japanese Society and Culture" at the Center for Japanese Studies with the aim of promoting better understanding of Japanese society and culture in China, strengthening friendship between Japan and China, and contributing to the expansion of international exchange. In this program, participants are able to earn course credits. Also, public lectures open not only to the students of Fudan University but also to those from nearby universities are held six times a year.
In addition, Mitsui established the Mitsui & Co. Library, which includes Japanese books, at Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School, the only combined middle and high school in Shanghai where Japanese is taught as the first foreign language. Also, from 2015, Mitsui has started to contribute prizes for student events and to sponsor exchange activities among students.