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Promoting Diversity Management

Mitsui & Co.'s Diversity Management Vision

Building an environment that allows every member of our diverse human resources to display his or her potential to the full

In order to deal with a variety of changes in an increasingly volatile global business environment, it is important that we secure a wide range of human resources with diverse values so that we can respond to various changes and regard risks as business opportunities. This is why the people who work for the Mitsui & Co. global group come from a wide variety of backgrounds in terms of nationality, gender, values and other attributes.

We implement diversity management initiatives to enhance the competitiveness of the Mitsui & Co. global group. This is achieved when each and every member of our diverse human resources recognize and respect each other, stimulate each other to come up with ideas, bring new value to our business, and create innovation. This will allow us to evolve as a company within which people can generate new value in business.
Specifically, we strive to build a foundation on which we can realize this vision, primarily through the sharing of our management philosophy, by fostering a corporate culture that seeks to fully utilize diverse individual characteristics, by broadening employees' mindsets, and by creating and continually reviewing work-related systems to support diversity. At the same time, we train and deploy diverse human resources on a global group basis, and work to enhance our corporate competitiveness by realizing the full strategic mobilization of our diverse workforce.

Mitsui & Co.'s Diversity Management Vision

Diversity Management Promotion Framework

Officer in charge Representative Director, Executive Vice President Makoto Suzuki.
Deliberation body (advisory committee to the Corporate Management Committee) Diversity Promotion Committee
Established in April 2006. Regularly debates and makes decisions in relation to policies and measures for the promotion of diversity management at Mitsui.
Secretariat Diversity Management Department, Human Resources & General Affairs Division.
In October 2005 the Diversity Management Promotion Department (renamed the Diversity Management Department) was set up in the Human Resources & General Affairs Division. It has been leading efforts to promote diversity management.
Diversity Management Promotion Framework

Specific measures aimed at realizing diversity management