Acquisition of Stake in Integrated Healthcare Holdings Sdn. Bhd

Apr. 7, 2011

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui") (Head Office: Tokyo; President and CEO: Masami Iijima) is set to acquire a 30%*1 stake in Integrated Healthcare Holdings Sdn. Bhd ("Integrated Healthcare") (Head Office: Malaysia). Integrated Healthcare is the holding company of a group of subsidiaries and investments in the healthcare business. Earlier today, Mitsui (through Mitsui's wholly-owned subsidiary), Integrated Healthcare and Khazanah Nasional Bhd ("Khazanah") (through Khazanah's wholly-owned subsidiary) concluded a share acquisition agreement and finalized other contractual terms in regard to the acquisition.

Currently, Integrated Healthcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah of Malaysia. By the end of July 2011, through Mitsui's wholly-owned subsidiary, Mitsui will simultaneously acquire a 12%*1 stake in Integrated Healthcare from Khazanah (through Khazanah's wholly-owned subsidiary), and an 18%*1 stake in Integrated Healthcare through a private placement of shares in Integrated Healthcare. After this acquisition is completed, Mitsui will hold an aggregate 30%*1 stake in Integrated Healthcare, valued at an estimated MYR 3.3 billion (Malaysian ringgit), an amount equivalent to roughly JPY92.4 billion*2.

Integrated Healthcare's investment holdings include hospital groups such as Parkway Hospitals Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore's largest; Pantai Hospitals Sdn Bhd, the second largest in Malaysia. It also has an investment in Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, India's largest hospital group. In addition to its hospital business, Integrated Healthcare pursues involvement throughout Asia in healthcare-related ventures, including institutions that provide education in regard to medical care and ventures that provide services for clinical studies in an effort to develop new drugs.

In Asia, the demand for medical services is expected to expand due to rapid population growth and aging. Aiming to expand hospital infrastructure and improve the quality of medical services in Asia, Mitsui will strive to strengthen hospital business in Asia as one of its core business in the medical healthcare business area. Furthermore, Mitsui envisage strengthening its business initiatives with Integrated Healthcare and its related group companies in order to gain ground in hospital-related services and develop new business opportunities in Japan and Asia.

Mitsui is currently analyzing the impact of this acquisition on Mitsui's consolidated financial results of fiscal year ending March 2012.

*1: These figures are the ratio of the enlarged share capital of Integrated Healthcare.
*2: The Japanese yen amount represents translation of the Malaysian ringgit amount at the rate of JPY28.00 = MYR1.00.

1. Outline of Integrated Healthcare

Company name Integrated Healthcare Holdings Sdn. Bhd
Location of head office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Representative Tan Sri Dr Abu Bakar bin Suleiman
Main business Integrated Healthcare conducts business throughout Asia in healthcare-related business ventures that include hospital operation and contract management, operation of institutions that provide education in regard to medical care, and business ventures that provide services for clinical studies.
Establishment 2010
Shareholders and ownership
(after transaction)
Khazanah's wholly-owned subsidiary: 70%
Mitsui's wholly-owned subsidiary: 30%

2. Outline of Khazanah

Company name Khazanah Nasional Bhd
Location of head office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Representative Tan Sri Dato' Azman bin Hj. Mokhtar
Main business Khazanah is an investment company owned by the government of Malaysia and has been set up to implement strategic investment in new markets and new industries.
Establishment 1993
Shareholders and ownership Malaysian Ministry of Finance: 100%
(The Malaysian Federal Lands Commissioner owns a single share of Khazanah)

3. Outline of Mitsui's wholly-owned subsidiary

Company name MBK Healthcare Partners Limited
Location of head office London, United Kingdom
Representative Toshio Yamamura
Main business Investment in Integrated Healthcare
Capital GBP 1
Shareholders and ownership Mitsui: 100%
Establishment April 5, 2011

4. Capital Structure (After transaction)

Capital Structure (After transaction)

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