Mitsui increases investment in Erdos Electrical Power & Metallurgical Company Limited, China

Jul. 2, 2010

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Tokyo, July 2, 2010 - On July 2, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui") (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Masami Iijima) invested an additional 350 million yuan (approx. 4.5 billion yen) in Erdos Electrical Power & Metallurgical Company Limited, China ("EPMC") (head office: Erdos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China; President: Linxiang Wang). Mitsui's added investment, which constitutes part of a 1.4 billion yuan (approx. 18 billion yen) increase in capital by EPMC, is consistent with Mitsui's previous percentage stake in the company. Through this additional investment, Mitsui maintains its 25% ratio of shares issued by EPMC, bringing Mitsui's total investment in the company to 23.5 billion yen.

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region where EPMC is located has achieved the highest rate of GDP growth in China eight years running. Moreover, EPMC's coal reserves and its power generation operations that draw on those reserves lend the company sound competitive strengths. Since 2007, when Mitsui began equity participation, EPMC has continued to take up the challenges presented by the rapid economic growth of China's inland areas, as it expands operations centered on power generation, coal mining, ferrous alloy production, and water pumping from the Yellow River. In these areas of business, EPMC has been actively establishing value chains, re-using and recycling resources, and implementing environmental measures, and has also been making inroads in regard to business opportunities involving chemicals such as polycrystalline silicon and polyvinyl chloride. The infusion of capital this time around enables EPMC to procure funds for new projects in these areas of business.

Mitsui regards EPMC as a strategic partner in China, and above and beyond this additional investment, Mitsui hopes to draw on its integrated strengths to support and promote the company's new business ventures. This additional capital raises the equity of EPMC from 3.6 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan, thereby enabling them to consider various new projects. Moreover, Mitsui is setting its sights on further investment in the company, and plans to continue working with them in this regard.

1. EPMC capitalization after Mitsui's investment

Erdos Cashmere Group Co., Ltd. 60.00%
Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 25.00%
Others 15.00%

2. Overview of EPMC

Establishment April, 2003
Capital RMB 5 billion
Location Qipanjing Industrial Park, Erdos City, Inner Monglia, China (Refer to the map below)
Major Business Operations: Metallurgy Ferro-silicon (550,000MT/year)
Silico-manganese (150,000MT/year)
Ferro-manganese (190,000MT/year)
Coal Coal (approx. 500,000MT/year)
Power 1,720,000KW/h
Chemicals Carbide (130,000MT/year)
Water pumping Approx. 45 million MT/year
Number of employees 11,397 (as of the end of February, 2010)

Location of EPMC head office and Qipanjing Industrial Zone

Location of EPMC head office and Qipanjing Industrial Zone

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