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Mitsui & Co supports Brazilian Schools in Japan The 12 Schools for the 2008 program were selected

Jul. 31, 2008

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As the number of Brazilians in Japan increases, the educational problem of Brazilian children living in Japan is growing and it is now a pressing social challenge. In 2005 Mitsui & Co. started the support program for the Brazilian pupils in Japan to help meet their educational needs.
The program to donate educational goods to the Brazilian schools in Japan is one of Mitsui's support programs to Brazilian pupils. We selected the following 12 schools as candidates for the 2008 fiscal year.

The 12 Schools for the 2008 program

(1) Escola Alegria de Saber - Toyota Aichi, Toyota
(2) Escola Alegria de Saber - Hekinan Aichi, Hekinan
(3) Escola e Creche Grupo Opção Ibaraki, Joso
(4) Centro Educacional Nova Etapa - CENE Gifu, Kakamigahara
(5) Escola Paralelo - Ota Gunma, Ota
(6) Centro de Aprendizagem Logos Saitama, Honjo
(7) Escola Alegria de Saber - Hamamatsu Shizuoka, Hamamatsu
(8) Esccola Alcance Shizuoka, Hamamatsu
(9) Colégio Pitágoras Brasil - Moka Tochigi, Moka
(10) Colégio Pitágoras Brasil - Nagano Nagano, Minowa
(11) Escola Alegria de Saber - Suzuka Mie, Suzuka
(12) Escola Nikken Mie, Yokkaichi

Donation: Educational goods Max. 5mil Yen each school.

In previous fiscal years, Mitsui donated to
2005/2006 fiscal year : 4 schools
2007 fiscal year : 10 schools
(Details are as per the attached sheet.)

Our activities are supported by the Meddle-South America team of NPO "Action for a Better International Community" (ABIC).


(1) Every year, immigration from Brazil increases, and as of the end of 2007, there are about 317,000 Brazilians in Japan.

Among them, children between 5-14 years old are about 30,000 and the they are divided into three groups:

a. children attending Brazilian schools
b. children attending Japanese public schools
c. children who refuse to attend any school (truancy)

They all have difficulties stemming from differences in language and due to inadequate learning circumstances. They cannot get acclimated to the Japanese life style and the education system. After all some part of these children will feel alienated and as a result they will not attend school. Proper action towards these problems should be taken immediately.

(2) Mitsui has been involved for a long time in a broad range of business areas with Brazil and we think it important to grapple with this kind of social problem to build a true partnership with Brazil.

It is clearly not possible for one company alone to resolve social issues like this, but feeding off the momentum of Mitsui's activities, we hope that movements such as this will spread throughout society. With the desire to contribute even slightly to addressing this social problem on our own doorstep, Mitsui has started the following three programs.

a. To support Brazilian schools in Japan
In order to improve the educational circumstances we donate necessary school goods such as school buses and computers to selected Brazilian schools because the children in such schools are suffering from narrows classrooms, lack of learning materials, books etc.
Among 94 Brazilian schools in Japan, 32 schools are recognized in MEXT's official gazette as "having terminated the 12-year curriculum abroad", and from these 32 the Selecting Committee consisting of learned members like the Brazilian Embassy, the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, etc has selected candidates for the donation. Upon receipt of the Committee's recommendation we, Mitsui, decided to donate the required learning materials and other goods to 12 schools.

b. To support NPOs which help Brazilians in Japan
The second theme is providing assistance to NPOs that support the Brazilian community. We support NPOs that provide mobile medical units in areas with large concentrations of Brazilian residents, and that work to prevent juvenile delinquency and truancy.

c. To develop learning materials for Brazilian children. Co-Work with Tokyo University for Foreign Languages
The Brazilian children attending Japanese public schools often have disadvantages due to difficulties in studying in both their mother tongue and in Japanese (so-called double limited). They get bad school records or they will not attend the school. As one solution we decided to develop new support materials for Japanese language and mathematic studies.
The third is promoting the creation of supplementary learning materials for Brazilian children living in Japan. Under the direction of teams of experts such as university staff, we are developing materials for learning Japanese for children experiencing difficulties learning both Japanese and Portuguese, which we made available on the Internet around Spring 2007.

The schools Mitsui donated to in 2005-2007

The 4 Schools for the 2005 program

(1) Colégio Pitágoras Brasil - Ota Gunma,. Ota
(2) Escola Alegria de Saber - Toyohashi Aichi, Toyohashi
(3) Escola São Paulo - Anjo Aichi, Anjo
(4) Colégio Áureo Aichi, Nagoya

The 4 Schools for the 2006 program

(1) Escola Paralelo - Isesaki Gunma, Isezaki
(2) Escola Brasileira Prof. Kawase Gifu, Ogaki
(3) Soc.Ed.Brazilian School Gifu, Minokamo
(4) Col. Pitágoras Brasil - Kariya Aichi, Kariya

The 10 Schools for the 2007 program

(1) Escola Néctar - Toyota Aichi, Toyota
(2) Colégio Dom Bosco - Komaki Aichi, Komaki
(3) Escola Pingo de Gente - Shimotsuma Ibaraki, Shimotsuma
(4) Instituto Educacional Gente Miúda (Gunma) Gunma, Oizumi
(5) Instituto Educacional Centro Nippo - Brasileiro - Oizumi Gunma, Oizumi
(6) Centro Educacional Canarinho - Konosu Saitama, Konosu
(7) Colégio Latino de Shiga (Shiga) Shiga, Omihachiman
(8) Colégio Pitágoras Brasil - Hamamatsu Shizuoka, Hamamatsu
(9) Escola Nipo Brasileira Iwata Shizuoka, Iwata
(10) Colégio Pitágoras Brasil - Yamanashi Yamanashi, Minami-Apls

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