[Places] x [People] x [Products] x [Services] x [Information]
This formula means a better future for patients and for the whole healthcare industry.

Financial Times

Nov. 29, 2016

The world spends over $7 trillion on healthcare every year. In many regions, however, access to adequate healthcare remains a challenge. Whether eliminating shortages of hospitals and physicians, bolstering cooperation between healthcare facilities, or simply improving efficiency, Mitsui & Co. is taking a new approach to solving the industry’s problems.

Our formula is [Places] x [People] x [Products] x [Services] x [Information] at higher levels of both quantity and quality. We are active participants in every industry segment: acute care hospitals, chronic care clinics, healthcare staffing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales—even healthcare support services and medical information.

By combining our expertise from all these different areas, we are creating something unique: a next-generation healthcare ecosystem that is sustainable, efficient and organically interlinked. We are working with patients, frontline healthcare providers and support personnel to build a world where people everywhere have easy access to high-quality healthcare.

In fact, we are confident that our simple formula is helping to reshape the future of the whole healthcare industry worldwide.