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Gate 3 Medium-term Management Plan

Lifestyle Segment

Oils and fats business / Retail brand product of Ventura Foods (U.S.)

Oils and fats business / Retail brand product of Ventura Foods (U.S.)

  • Food Business Unit
  • Retail Business Unit
  • Healthcare & Service Business Unit
Business Activities

Adapting to changes in consumption and lifestyles while meeting consumers’ diverse needs, including digital, we provide value-added products and services, develop businesses and make investments in business fields such as food resources and food products, fashion and textiles, retail services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and integrated services.

  • Yoichiro Endo Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer of Food Business Unit

    Yoichiro Endo Managing Officer,
    Chief Operating Officer
    of Food Business Unit

  • Yoshiki Hirabayashi Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer of Retail Business Unit

    Yoshiki Hirabayashi Managing Officer,
    Chief Operating Officer
    of Retail Business Unit

  • Masato Sugahara Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer of Healthcare & Service Business Unit

    Masato Sugahara Managing Officer,
    Chief Operating Officer
    of Healthcare & Service Business Unit

Business Environment

  • Values are changing from products to experiences, and from mass to personalization. We expect the propensity to spend to increase as incomes and populations expand in emerging countries, along with changes in production sites and volumes as a result of innovations in manufacturing technologies.
  • High-value-added needs are increasing, driven by spending patterns of millennials and Generation Z, the changing lifestyles of women in society, and growing interest in health, the environment and sustainability. The structure of the retail business is changing from the spread of digital technology and technological innovation, such as AI and robotics.
  • There is a widening gap in healthcare supply and demand, while medical expenditures increase in emerging countries, especially in Asia. The use of digital technologies is accelerating across a wider spectrum of healthcare, such as remote diagnosis and the wellness field, including preventative healthcare. Demand is increasing for integrated, high-value-added services in the mature markets of food services and equipment management.

Progress under Previous Medium-term Management Plan (top) and Targets in Medium-term Management Plan 2023 (bottom)

  • Rebuilt key subsidiaries in food business, strengthened global logistics, drew up strategies for each of three major nutrients, and expanded business assets accordingly
  • Acquired digital functions and strengthened points of contact with customers in distribution business, expanded new earnings bases in upstream and downstream areas, reinforced functions by creating a holding company for the domestic intermediate distribution business
  • Optimized portfolio by recycling assets in healthcare business and turned the hospital business into a core asset by becoming the principal shareholder of IHH Healthcare Bhd. through an additional investment
  • Develop the food business further downstream by leveraging existing assets, strengthen functions in manufacturing and marketing
  • Use digital functions to create products and services in tune with consumer needs, deliver these products and services with optimized logistics networks, thereby realizing enriched and healthy lifestyles through our businesses
  • Become a leader in transitioning to a wellness enriching peoples' lives from healthcare ecosystem centered on a hospital business

Individual Strategies

Area Our Approach
Food Business
  • We aim to strengthen our resilience to downward price pressure by augmenting the product lineup with high-value-added products, while pursuing higher quality, sustainability and traceability.
  • Using science, we aim to add the value of by-products from the value chain, and to strengthen the recycling value chain.
Retail Business
  • Based on consumer insight gained through digital functions, we will create differentiated products and services ­centered on the e-commerce domain.
  • Using AI, robotics and other digital functions, we will strive to advance and improve demand chain management (DCM) and logistics functions while strengthening the distribution infrastructure foundation.
Healthcare services
  • We aim to enhance value in the hospital business through expansion of regions, functions and businesses, and create a medical data platform through the accumulation and mutual use of healthcare data. We will offer high-value-added services to drugmakers and other companies by leveraging integrated functions in the pharmaceutical business.
  • We aim to expand the integrated services business by augmenting functions and expanding scale, and through consolidation.

Impact from COVID-19 and Response Policies

  • Restrictions on leaving home and lockdowns have had a negative impact on the restaurant industry and fashion industry, especially luxury brands, but it has hastened growth in e-commerce and digital media.
  • In the hospital business, stay-at-home orders have reduced demand for healthcare for patients with mild conditions and medical tourism. Meanwhile, we have marshaled all our capabilities to provide resources to national hospitals accepting COVID-19 patients. We are also accelerating efforts to use digital technology including online medical consultations.

Examples of Initiatives (Food, Retail, Healthcare services)

Global logistics network for food
  • We endeavor to ensure a reliable supply of quality food through our networks that connect global bases, including those in Japan, to major food production assets across a wide range of product lines.
Quality control and product development ­capabilities, and emphasis on sustainability
  • In Japan and overseas, we leverage our quality control capabilities, which we have cultivated domestically through Group companies such as Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd., Prifoods Co., Ltd., and Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd., as well as our product development and proposal capabilities, which we have gained through our development center and Group companies such as Bussan Food Materials Co., Ltd.
  • We created a sustainable food supply chain, utilizing by-products in biomass power generation, for example, and the production of marine and feed products through science and digital transformation.
Initiatives in the intermediary distribution domain
  • In the intermediary distribution field, Mitsui & Co. Retail Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in June 2020 as an umbrella for domestic Group intermediary distribution companies in order to organically and flexibly take advantage of Group company functions in the intermediary distribution domain. We are striving to create new value in services for consumers that use digital technologies, while advancing functions in demand prediction, procurement and logistics.
Initiatives in the digital/merchandising business
  • By acquiring consumer data and insights, Mitsui is upgrading its digital solutions functions to differentiate its products, ­services and sales floors. We manufacture and provide to consumers optimal products and services while expanding points of contact with customers in the retail business, centered on e-commerce.
Initiatives in the fashion and textile businesses
  • Domestic and overseas brand retail businesses; planning and manufacturing of clothing products (OEM)
  • Develop procurement business for textile materials and resources
Integrated services businesses
  • Mitsui, AIM SERVICES CO., LTD., and Mitsui & Co. Foresight Ltd. offer integrated services, including food, cleaning and facility management, to companies, hospitals, schools, and sports & leisure facilities (MAZDA Stadium, etc.). We aim to become the No. 1 provider in Japan by further expanding the business.

Major Businesses within the Food and Food Product Value Chain

Major Businesses within the Food and Food Product Value Chain

Major Subsidiaries & Associated Companies

Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.
Businesses Manufacture of refined sugar
Interest (%)
(¥ billion)
18/3   3.3
19/3   2.1
20/3   1.2
Businesses Investments in edible oil products company
Interest (%)
(¥ billion)
18/3   3.4
19/3   3.3
20/3   3.9
IHH Healthcare Berhad
Businesses Healthcare related business
Interest (%)
(¥ billion)
18/3   1.6
19/3   1.9
20/3   4.9
Businesses Contract food services
Interest (%)
(¥ billion)
18/3   2.3
19/3   2.4
20/3   2.4