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Mitsui's Collective ImpactMitsui’s Reason for Being, Value Creation

Mitsui’s Collective Impact Mitsui’s Reason for Being, Value Creation

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Mitsui’s Collective Impact Mitsui’s Reason for Being, Value Creation


Cameron LNG Project in the U.S.

Mitsui participates in the Cameron LNG project, which produces and sells LNG in Louisiana in the U.S. Production commenced on all three trains of the project in May 2020.

Mitsui has secured long-term access to four million tons of LNG annually, some of which will be transported on its own LNG tankers, for sale on the global market. The Cameron project is a prime example of how Mitsui combines the comprehensive strength of its many businesses, including the LNG business, infrastructure projects business and ship business, to formulate a collective impact on value creation for the economy, society and the environment, while engaging with stakeholders such as partners, host countries and customers.

Having defined “secure a sustainable supply of essential products” as a material issue (Materiality), Mitsui will contribute to the reliable supply of energy for Japan and the world by supplying LNG produced from the Cameron project, which has a relatively low environmental impact.

Cameron LNG Project in the U.S.

Mitsui’s collective impact on display


History, reputation and expertise from participation in 11 projects since the 1970s


Infrastructure business

  • Track record in infrastructure project business
  • Formulated optimal EPC contract for construction of LNG liquefaction facilities and project management
3 Trading
  • LNG sales experience
  • Sales capabilities in LNG, including relationships with end customers in Japan, leveraged to optimize distribution
  • With eight LNG tankers chartered by Mitsui that include four owned tankers, established flexible logistics structure
  • Aim to strengthen and expand LNG tanker business
End customers, including Japan