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Gate 2 Strategic Edge

Human Resources Strategy for a Pool of Diverse Professionals

People is Mitsui’s greatest asset. By leveraging Mitsui’s various management capital and collaboration among our diverse talent who possess professional expertise in a wide range of business domains, products, fields and regions, we create and develop businesses and generate new value on a global basis. To develop this pool of diverse professionals further and to promote their active roles, we formulate human resource management frameworks. Moreover, we are establishing environments that encourage further “Challenge & Innovation.” Through such initiatives, we will realize unmatched value creation.

Networks Comprehensive strengths Diverse professionals Continuous value creation

Frameworks developing diverse professionals and supporting their activities

1 An extensive range of career options

We are offering each employee more options in terms of opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and to choose their career paths, thereby enhancing management personnel, business management personnel, and highly specialized personnel.

2 A variety of growth opportunities

We are supporting the further growth of employees by enabling them to work and tackle ambitious initiatives in a wider range of fields through provision of various opportunities based on each individual’s ­particular stage of development.

3 Autonomous career planning

The growth of individuals and their contribution to the Company are maximized by providing motivated employees with greater opportunities to choose a career and take on the accompanying challenges and by matching the needs of individuals with those of the Company.

4 A focus on results

To help employees maintain a healthy sense of ­tension and continue growing, pursuing self-reform, taking on challenges, and working hard, we provide understandable appraisal and compensation that reflect employees’ contributions and realization of capabilities.

Introduction of Share-Based Compensation Plan for Employees

With the aims of realizing Medium-term Management Plan 2023 with the theme of “Transform and Grow” and sustaining growth going forward, Mitsui has introduced a share-based compensation plan for employees. Under the new plan, every fiscal year employees are granted points that reflect personnel appraisals. Upon retirement, employees ­fulfilling certain conditions can exchange accumulated points for shares of the Company. This plan will establish an even stronger focus on merit and results and motivate employees to change their mindset and behavior with respect to medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value. As a result, we will realize new value creation that contributes to the sustainable development of society. Further, in relation to the enhancement of corporate value, the plan will foster a sense of unity between the management and employees and heighten employee engagement.

Diverse Talent

In the Mitsui & Co. Group, employees who come from a wide variety of backgrounds in terms of nationality, gender, values, and other attributes play active roles globally. We implement “diversity management,” under which each and every member of our diverse human resources recognizes and respects each other, inspires each other to exert their capabilities to the fullest, brings new value to our business, and creates innovation. This allows us to enhance the competitiveness of the Mitsui & Co. Global Group.

The Development of Global Talent

As we conduct businesses that are deeply rooted in countries and regions, we are concentrating efforts on empowering global talent, including regionally hired staff. As part of these efforts, we are not only providing such personnel with opportunities to work at our head office in Japan, we are also actively encouraging transfers among overseas operating bases, including those of affiliated ­companies. As a result, we are appointing an increasing number of regionally hired staff to general manager positions. Further, with a view to fostering leaders capable of forging ahead decisively with reform, we are conducting the Change Leader Program. This program selects regionally hired staff and supports their development by providing opportunities to converse directly with members of the senior management team.

Faisal Ashraf, Managing Director, Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd.

Faisal Ashraf,
Managing Director,
Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd.

Since joining Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd. as a local hire, Mr. Ashraf has primarily been engaged in the Mineral & Metal Resources Segment working and accumulating experience in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and Dubai. Having become Mitsui & Co. India’s first locally hired managing director in April 2020, he continues tirelessly pursuing “Challenge & Innovation.”

Empowerment of Women

Mitsui has numerous female employees, who work in a wide variety of business domains. Aiming to “Thrive on Diversity ” and accelerate business creation, we want women to account for 10% of our managers by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025. As of July 2020, 7.4%* of Mitsui’s managers are women. With the aforementioned target in mind, we have established Women Leadership Initiatives, which are steadily fostering the next generation of female leaders and creating a range of various role models for female leaders. Also, through this initiative, we provide female employees with organizational development instruction and support to enhance self-awareness, which are required of leaders. In addition, the initiative includes opportunities to engage in dialogue with external directors to help promote the further empowerment of female employees.

Mitsui Engagement Survey 2018

Response percentage worldwide*1 : 89%

Employee engagement*2 : 59%

Respected as an individual : 80%

  • Workers at Mitsui’s operating bases in Japan and overseas, including regionally hired staff
  • Employees’ enthusiasm for work, including a self-motivated approach to tackling work or a sense of attachment to the Company

Environments That Encourage “Challenge & Innovation”

During Mitsui’s long history, an organizational culture characterized by “Challenge & Innovation” and open-mindedness has been passed down from generation to generation as part of the Company’s DNA. To leverage this organizational culture and accelerate efforts to “Transform and Grow,” we have designated our new Head Office—to which we relocated in May 2020—as a venue where diverse individuals and professionals from inside and outside the Company spark “intellectual chemical reactions” to create new value. By strengthening cooperation that spans divisional boundaries and collaborations with external partners, Mitsui will step up the pace of its growth even further.

Features of the new office floors
Features of the new office floors
  • Collaboration spaces (“camps”) where people readily gather, chat, and come up with ideas
  • Each organization’s introduction of systems that enable employees to choose where to sit and work and which realize flexible teaming as needed for operations and projects
  • Ability to reflect management strategies and flexibly change the layout of departments’ office floors with the aim of creating business synergies